Who's ready for a "help me find this book" thread?

I think that this one will test the powers of the SDMB, because the details are a bit (OK, a lot) vague. Here is what I remember:

It is a vampire book and I am almost positive that it is told from the First Person perspective. Vampires are categorized by types according to their powers. I believe that the protagonist is one of the most powerful types and calls himself a “Vlad” but then at the end of the book thinks he might be an even more powerful type (perhaps called an “Emperor”?).

I think that the book that I read was part of a series because as I recall there were a lot of lose ends. I am also pretty sure that this was a book that I checked out from the library and so it will be hard for me to pin down when it was written.

That’s about all I remember. Anyone have any ideas?

Could it be *Staked *by J.F. Lewis?

Holy hell, I think that may be it. Damn but you folks are good!