Help needed with NWN Rock Stars

I’m working on a module for Neverwinter Nights, and one of my concepts is a guild for each of the eleven base classes, where random quests are assigned.

I always try to be cute in my modules, incorporating real people, in order to have them say silly lines. I decided for each of my eleven guild masters, I would use a real-life rock star - preferably progressive rock. My list so far:

Barbarian: Any of ELP (because album one, track one is “The Barbarian”)
Bard: Fish (because he’s one of the most eloquent lyricists on the planet)
Cleric: Neal Morse (because he’s a Born-Again Christian)
Druid: Jon Anderson (self-explanitory, I think)
Fighter: Bruce Dickinson (because he’s an accomplished fencer)
Monk: ???
Paladin: Elton John or Paul McCartney (because they’ve been knighted)
Ranger: Ted Nugent (The man is a hunter!)
Rogue: ???
Sorcerer: Robert Fripp (because he’s an all-around weird dude, into all sorts of mystical shit)
Wizard: Eddie Jobson (because he’s a real-life wizard at several instruments)

Just so you can see where I’m going with this: I’ve only done some conversation work so far on Fighter and Cleric. As an example, Bruce introduces himself as “The Deullist,” and if the player asks why he’s called that, he says “I’m quite handy with a rapier; in fact, I dare say none can beat me. For those that have tried - a flash of the blade sent them running to the hills.”

Anyway, I need a little help with a few of my choices. I feel my choices for the barbarian and the paladin are weak, and I can’t think of who would fit the monk and the rogue.

As far as the Monk, I’m sure there are rock stars out there who are martial artists, and I’m sure I’ll do a :smack: when suggestions come in.

As far as the Rogue, I’m trying to think of either someone who has been convicted of a crime, or has “stolen” a position in a band. What I mean by that is, some consider Trevor Rabin to have “stolen” Steve Howe’s position in Yes (he didn’t, really), or there’s Bill Bruford, who basically forced his way into King Crimson when they reformed in the '90s. But both of them violate one of my rules, which are:

  1. Only one person per band/extended “family”. So ELP, Marillion, Spock’s Beard, Yes, etc. are out of the running.

  2. Established musicians only; I don’t care if they’re obscure (e.g. Eddie Jobson), so long as they’re not one-hit-wonders, or from this decade.

Can anyone help me out here? :slight_smile:

Dave Mustaine is a black belt in Taekwondo. He could work for the monk class.

I guess you could pick someone from Red Rider for Barbarian for the song “Lunatic Fringe”. I don’t think it is much of an improvement over ELP, but you might find it easier to work in some dialog.

What about using Nigel from Spinal Tap for Druid? “In ancient times, hundreds of years before the dawn of history lived a strange race of people… The Druids”. You could move Jon Anderson to Monk and focus on the spirituality of the class.

If you get stuck on Rogue, you can move out of prog-rock and use Jane’s Addiction ala “Been Caught Stealing”.

What about Rik Emmett for Cleric? Isn’t he fairly religious?

Is this for NWN2? How do I find your modules are you under GESancMan?