Help on some music

Connor, your post makes such complete sense. Thank you. I think you’re absolutely right. And, yes, I think he’s going to be happy just to be there! But then, so will I. :slight_smile:

AudreyK, thank you for the link! That was great!

Thank you very much everyone!

Now for my next question: what kind of undies . . . Just kidding! LOL!


My favorite “mood” music:

  1. Anything by Mazzy Star (She Hangs Brightly, Flowers in November, So That Tonight I Might See)
  2. Anything by Enya
  3. Anything by Billie Holliday

The best of luck to you, TracyMarie! I hope you are as compatible in real life as your so-far ideal-in-fantasy online relationship is! Here’s to lots of fun, and not hoping this fella isn’t pulling any legs (if he’s 400 pounds, hirsute all over, pimply-faced, halitosised, 60-year-old nose-picker, let’s hope he was honest and told you that already) ;).

If in case he WAS pulling your leg, don’t forget to pack some music that’ll drive him out of your house!!! :smiley:

I’m sorry!! I meant “NOT hoping this fella IS pulling any legs.” I just said the opposite of what I meant. Ayeee! :o