Help remembering a commercial - computer related, 1990s, dorky blonde guy

I’m trying to recall a set of commercials from, I think, the mid or late 1990s. They were computer related. Software? Hardware? Not sure.

The spokesman was a blonde geeky guy with long-ish hair.

I do not remember the product.

Does this ring any bells?

I know for sure it is NOT the annoying “dude, you’re getting a Dell” guy.

Right now, the only blonde, geeky, long-ish-haired spokesman from the 1990s I can think of is the one for Encyclopedia Britannica.

“Dude, you’re getting a Dell!”

First thing that came to my mind, too. Steve, the Dell guy?

ETA: I feel stupid for rereading the last line of the OP. :smack:

Yes! I wonder if he did commercials for Encyclopaedia Brittanica CD-ROM?

Figured out why I thought it was computer-related. He starts this commercial sitting in from of a computer.

Knew it had to be the britannica guy from the thread title alone.

Oops. Didn’t read closely enough. Sorry.

I assumed you were making a joke. :slight_smile:

I knew it was for that Encyclopaedia Britannica kid. I recall some website or magazine did a follow up on him. I recall he ended up being pretty normal.

But he was annoying back in the day.

So much for Hippy Hollow’s “pretty normal” theory.

According to IMDB, he is Stan Freberg’s son.

Estranged, unfortunately.

Link was worth it for "Sash Suicide" picon the bottom though.

No less annoying however

Is it the Dell kid?


And now, five years later, I finally get this Onion piece.

Is that Pat Cashman as the narrator in the linked video?

I thought it was abundantly clear that it was the kid who did ads for the Encyclopedia Britannica.