Help shape a science fiction convention!

I am seriously considering putting in a bid to chair Orycon 33 in 2011. I’ve settled on a comedic science fiction theme(Orycon 33 1/3-The Infinite Jest!), and I need suggestions for Guests of Honor. In particular, I am looking for a writer GoH, an artist GoH and an editor GoH. Since this is taking place in Portland, Oregon, it would nice on the budget if they hailed from the left coast, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

An artist GoH and an artist GoH, eh? How will you tell them apart? :smiley:

Thanks for the catch.

Patricia Briggs. She is left coast based and a good guest. She is not mainly a comic writer, but has many comic parts to her stories. Check Hob’s Bargain and/or Dragon’s Blood & Dragon’s Bone. Her two current series (Mercy Thompson & Alpha and Omega) are set in the same world and are werewolf based.

Would Pratchett or Phil Foglio make good guests?

Pratchett is ill but apparently he is still attending some conventions (one as recently as September).

Phil and Kaja Foglio are regular convention attendees and I believe they live in Seattle which would make them relatively close to Portland.

I humbly nominate myself as artist GoH.

You’re welcome.

Peter David for writer GoH. Humorous, accessible, active in book and comics publishing.

Not sure what SF novelists come from Portland. For comics, there’s Brian Michael Bendis; for RPG’s, there’s John Snead. I’m sure either would love to be a GoH.

Wrong coast, but Ursula Vernon would make an awesome Artist GoH.

Despite the current spate of trashy vampire/werewolf novels, Briggs’ books are actually pretty innovative and good reading. I’ll pick up a new copy of any books that she writes. Since I buy most of my books used, this is high praise.

I’ve never met her, and I don’t do any con-going these days, but I think she’d be a big draw.

Good fantasy choices for writer GoH-what about comedy/science fiction?

Spider Robinson.

Throw in a model contest! Lots of first-rate sci-fi modellers in the PNW.

There’s not a lot of good humorous science fiction (actually, there’s not much of it at all these days). The best still around is probably Ron Goulart (though he doesn’t appear to be writing much in the SF genre these days). IIRC, he’s based in LA.

If you want a new and upcoming humorous writer, I’d definitely consider A. Lee Martinez. His Gil’s All Fright Diner is just a great book and he had a nice knack of blending humor with high adventure. He’s from the Dallas area.

Editor GOHs will probably have to hail from the East Coast.

If you need addresses for any potential guests, PM me.

How about Christopher Moore? Unfortunately he has apparently moved from California to Hawaii, and I don’t know if he goes to cons or considers himself a science fiction writer, so really, never mind me.

I will second A. Lee Martinez, who does go to cons, and add John Moore,, as a writer of fun and humorous fantasy novels.

Yes. I came in to the thread to suggest Spider. I think he lives in Canada, not sure which part. Guy is wicked funny, sings, plays guitar, is well versed in old school sci-fi.

And you could bop him on the noggin for phoning it in for Callahan’s Con, which was pretty disappointing compared to the earlier Callahan books.

Ursula K. LeGuin lives in Portland doesn’t she?

I think Neal Stephenson lives out on the left coast, but Anathem seems to show that he’s dropped his former tongue-in-cheek demeanor.

Spider and Jeanne live on an island near Vancouver BC – a short jaunt from Portland (at least if you’re Gully Foyle).

For something completely different, how about a panel discussion featuring Dopers? Lots of folks here know stuff about sci-fi/fantasy. Granted, I have little to contribute beyond a keen interest in boinking Caprica Six, Ivanova, Janeway, Troi, or most of Heinlein’s female leads, but I get invited 'cause it’s my idea. You could fill the rest of the seats with people that actually know stuff…