Help! Sick frog

There’s something terribly wrong with my 6 month old pacman frog. When I got up this morning I noticed that he was on his back, feet up in the air and tongue sticking out, like a dead Loony Toons character. I flipped him back on his belly, and he was alive but extremely weak. His tongue was protruding and purplish.

Yesterday a lady came by to clean my reptile cages. I’m thinking that the frog absorbed something toxic. The lady works in a pet store and is familiar with pacman frogs, and she’s cleaned my cages many times, so I doubt she’d do anything to hurt it.

I called a reptile pet store and they told me to put the frog in a clean cage, and soak it with water. They also said to try to shove his tongue back in his mouth, as it would be fatal if didn’t go back. I managed to push his tongue in, and did what they instructed.

Right now he’s still breathing, but very weak. A couple times he flipped on his back and wasn’t able to right himself. He pooped out some nasty looking dirt, and he’s making gagging motions. His sides also filled up like a balloon at one point.

Is there anything else I can do? Poor froggy. :frowning:

For pity’s sake, people! Won’t someone please think of the frog??!

I know nothing about frogs but I hope he gets better. :frowning:

These guys know their frogs. I don’t know where you are, but it might be worth a phone call or email?


Also try: