well damn, my frog died.

yeah, my frog died. poor guy. i don’t really know why, and i’m not going to take his…uh…corpse to the vet and have it checked.

i think he’s actually been ddead for a week or two, but i wasn’t sure, since he might have been hibernating. he had a weird cycle of hibernating. don’t ask.

fortunately though, it didn’t stink, i don’t need my room to smell bad.

i’ll miss the little guy.

rest in peace aussie.

I’m sorry your frog died. Even if I do shudder at the idea of a frog for a pet.

ah, well, i have my tastes, you have yours.

I’m sorry your frog died, (ynh). It’s never easy to lose a friend.

This post will most likely be seen as insensitive (I have always been told that I have no filter from my brain to my mouth and apparently this is true of my fingers as well), if so I apologize in advance but maybe humor will help a bit.

A little boy was walking down the road dragging a dead squished frog. He stopped at the local house of ill repute went inside and said to the madam.

“I have the money for sex I want it and I want it now”

The madam said, “That’s fine that’s what we do here.”

The little boy asked if any of her girls had diseases. Affronted, the madam haughtily assured the little boy all of her girls were clean.

“What about Anne? I heard any time anyone has sex with Anne they get blisters,” asked the little boy.

Reluctantly the madam told the little boy they had indeed had trouble with Anne.

“That’s the one I want,” the little boy intoned (I got tired of typing said).

The madam argued but the boy would not budge, so Anne and he went to the back did their business and he came out to pay.

“Why Anne?” The madam asked, “She is my only girl with a disease”

“Simple,” said the little boy, "My parents are going to the movies and the baby-sitter likes to have sex with little boys, so I’ll have sex with the baby-sitter and she’ll get the disease that I just got from Anne. My parents will come home my dad will take home the baby-sitter, and he’ll get the disease I just go from Anne. My dad will come home and have sex with my mom and she’ll get the disease I just got from Anne. Tomorrow when my dad goes to work the milkman will come over, have sex with my mom and he’ll get the disease I just got from Anne, AND THAT’S THE SONOFA BITCH THAT RAN OVER MY FROG

I guess it’s important to have an outlet… sorry to hear about Aussie.

I’m very sorry about your frog.

Because Aussie was a frog, and not a cat or dog, very few people will understand how much he probably meant to you.

As the sad owner of a “pocket pet who’s passed”, my heart goes out to you.

Rest in peace, aussie.

Here’s hoping you’re hopping from lilypad cloud to lilypad cloud.

I had a TreeFrog who died last year. He got “redleg” which apparently is a serious disease for frogs, as silly as that may sound.

I did take him to the vet, but it didnt do any good. He gave me some antibiotic solution to rub onto him, which I did. But, he died about a week later.

It’s weird having a fish/reptile die. It disn’t hit me nearly as hard as losing the two dogs that I have in my life, but it still really sucked.

I’m sorry to hear it.
Maybe Aussie and The Trash Heap are hoping around together somewhere now.