Help this guy get rid of the Evil Bear from Hell

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*What’s inside the box on Monday was very special but was rendered meaningless on Wednesday.

It’s a teddy bear I made at the Build a Bear Workshop that was meant to be a Valentines Day gift for SuitMan. A cute “Bearamy” bear outfitted with a set of denim overalls, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat. The woman behind the counter showed it to the manager as “one of the cutest [she] had seen”. I even named it after SuitMan’s nickname and on the bear’s “birth certificate” it even says it was “Lovingly stuffed by Brian.”

I didn’t buy this for no reason. For the past week or so, we had been making headway towards getting back together one more time and for all intents and purposes, it looked like it was going to be a more long term, let’s really try this time, kind of effort. He decided he wanted to try once more as well.

But not with me.*


I’m telling ya, if I could come up with cock-and-bull stories just *HALF *as good as the ones like that, I could quadruple my sales on eBay and quit my damn day job.

Jeez. Jilted-love teddy bears. Haunted canes. Saint Mary on a cheese sandwich, and on and on…

Sorry for the break up NotWithoutRage. Poor teddy bear. The product of a broken home. Sigh The children are always the ones to suffer.

Then again, if you could convince folks that the image of the Blessed Virgin mysteriously appears on his butt you’d get a lot more money for him I bet!

It’s actually not my breakup, but a friends. Thanks for the sentiment, though.

What? I’m supposed to read and comprehend? :smack:

I’m the guy selling the bear…it’s all legit…check out my blog as it’s posted there as well…it’s totally legit and well…let’s say I’m using this whole eBay thing as a way to get past this event…

Brian, the 646 Guy


Who’s Carlos btw? He looks like he could hurt me. But in a good way…

That’s Carlos Solis…well the character’s name at least, from Desperate Housewives…and yeah…he can hurt me in a good way any day