Help! Tracking down a specific (current) monopoly token/mover

It’s the only idea I have on what to give my brother, and now I’m kind of locked into a theme, since I got one for my mom.

You know that Monopoly World edition? I need to find the chinese dragon mover (I’m pretty sure it’s a chinese dragon, but it could just be a dragon).

Any ideas? Are there any sites that offer individual ones for sale? Ebay is failing me on this.

Also, if you happen to have a picture of one, that’d be good too, so I can try to hunt down something acceptably similar.

Thank you so much!

Do you know the official title of the game version? There arereplacement parts available for many Monopoly games, but if it’s the Here & Now Worldwide version it doesn’t look like they offer the tokens, but maybe you could contact them directly and find out for sure.

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Thanks! I don’t actually know the exact title of the game but I’ll find out tomorrow and check out that site.

And thanks for moving the thread, twickster. (I’ve never been in the game forum and assumed it was for playing games on the Dope, not *all *games. Oops.)

The token you want is not available from Parker Brothers. I collect Monopoly tokens (450+) and most from the World Edition are on my list of those I still need. If they were available from PB, I would have it. I bought the game and got 6 of the 24 but not the one you want.

As far as an alternative, do you live near a store that sells Chinese decorative imports? There is an Asian mall near me and it has a couple of vendors that sell a variety of pewter items. I have bought some things from these vendors that would make excellent Monopoly tokens. They also have a variety of dragons too.