Help! Un-confuse me about the new Twin Peaks

I started watching the new TP last night and am confused about a few things. I watched a few of the original episodes when it came out in the '90s, so I have a sense of the general plotline.

  1. Is the new one a remake, a retelling, an homage, all of these, or none of these?

  2. What year(s) was the original set in? New one is in 1989, how does this reconcile with previous timeline?

  3. How in the *heck *have they made the original actors look so young?? Kyle MacLachlan is 58, Sherilyn Fenn is 52, and so on. Is it CGI or really good makeup?

I thank you in advance for helping with de-confuzzination.

I haven’t seen any of the new stuff, but this line made me bust out laughing:

Bolded for emphasis on the funny part! :smiley: That shit was all over the road! I’ve seen them ALL, twice, and don’t really have a good grasp on any general plotline.

Damn David Lynch!

Yeah, ya got me there :rolleyes: I guess I’ve seen so much of Lynch’s work that I know shit will just be weird and ya gotta roll with it!

Please begin, immediately, watching the new episodes so you can answer my desperate questions.

The brief answer is, it’s not a re-anything but rather a sequel season, and is set in 2014.

Are you sure you’re actually watching the new series, and not episodes from the original run? Showtime has both.

The new episodes take place 25 years after the original second season. Kyle MacLachlan is in pretty good shape for his age, but he does look 58. Sherilyn Fenn hasn’t even appeared in the new season yet.

I assumed the OP meant Sheryl Lee (Laura), who did look pretty damn good when she appeared.

Hmmmmmmmm . . . I think you are right about this! I’m streaming from Amazon Prime and now I’m wondering if I have begun watching the original – wow, this would pretty much take care of all the questions I’ve posted. It would be why the actors look so young and it’s 1989 :D:D:D

Well, now I can savor the original then move into the newer eps.

Okay, I obviously need to go recharge my brain.

Also, make sure you watch Fire Walk With Me first, it’s supposed to be integral to understanding the new one.

I certainly will!

Strap in for that one!