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I know it’s kind of odd coming in here w/this question but it’s the 4th of July and no business is opened…so here’s my dilemma: 8 yr old cat, sudden vomit/diarrhea after dinner (yesterday night); never been sick before; bit lethargic but not too much, will play with string; usually being the one who attacks his food, he’s not even approached it today, or his water; last time he went to bathroom was early this morning (9-ish), small blob of diarrhea (almost orange-colored) and some pee; last vomit was shortly before that. NO VETS ARE OPEN, it’s a holiday…what can I do? Am I okay to wait
until the morning to take him to his regular vet? I mean, it’s not like I have too much of a choice…what’s the worse that can happen? Please help…this cat is my only family (yes I know that makes me sound pathetic but who cares). If ANYONE here has had a similar experience (symptoms-wise) with their cat, I would forever appreciate you sharing your experience…

Is he an indoor or outdoor cat? If indoor, I’d say he had a mild case of food poisoning and would likely be better tomorrow. If outdoor, it could be much more serious as he could have contracted a sickness from contact with other cats; the worst is feline infectious enteritis, which is often fatal.

In any event, I would get him to the vet as soon as possible. Do you live in a decent-sized city? If so, there are usually clinics that stay open for emergency admissions, just as there are for humans. I wouldn’t give up on the idea of finding one that’s open today.

Try to get your kitty to drink a little water (try moistening your finger and letting him lick it), as diarrhea is dehydrating. Get him to a vet and good luck! (I know exactly what you mean about how close you are to him.)

I’d take a shot and go ahead and call your regular vet’s office now. You will probably get a recording that will give you a number to call for after-hours emergencies. Usually, it’s the 24-hour emergency pet hospital in your area, but some vets will also give you a number for the on-call vet.

Either way, you should be able to get in touch with someone who can let you know if you can wait to bring your kitty in.

Hope everything works out okay…please let us know.

And by the way, you don’t sound pathetic at all. :slight_smile:

Oh you guys are just angels!! I’m used, by now, to have people mock me because of what my cats mean to me (long story behind that). I no longer care, but one notices when people mock, ya know :\ Greenslime - thanks for saying “he” and not “it”! As small as that might seem, it’s huge to me - I’ve called 27 places and they are all closed; tried one of those online-pay-per-advice vets but I don’t have a credit card (sigh!). Anyway, as I type with one eye on him and one eye on the screen, here, nope, not outdoors at all. I keep my apt. squeaky clean because of them, and there’s nothing that I can think of he could’ve had poisoning from, since they all eat the same exact food and after their portion yesterday, this kid is the only sick one - the other two are just fine. Vet has no ER contact OR recording, Deanna :\ They’re a tiny, low-cost clinic but very good, and I love my vet but they are quite limited in what they spend (I guess that’s why they can charge so little). I just want to know if someone’s had a similar thing going who can assure me that my kid won’t die before the morning. I’m going to try forcing him to drink some water, though, as you said…

Forcing a cat to do anything is usually a bad idea.

Better option - if he’s still grooming himself, take a wet washcloth and run it over him so he licks himself - he’ll get the water that way. If he does that, watch him to see if he yurks that back up. If not, then wait an hour or so and try it again. You’re just trying to keep him hydrated.

I personally would try and tempt him with*** really small amounts*** (think a tablespoon or so) of really smelly food - tuna in oil works well, as does salmon, or canned meat (think SPAM or potted meat) - the salt and smell might trigger a bit of appetite, and then you can see if he yurks that up.

If he does, then he’s likely got an intestinal blockage (stuck hairball most likely, or random shit that he ate from somewhere in the apartment - if so vet will prescribe oily stuff to slick it out, or will have to do surgery to get it gone) or he’s got some sort of stomach bug (happens to cats too - very little can be done, just keep them hydrated and try not to go insane from worry til they get over it naturally in a few days).

If he doesn’t yurk that bit of food up, then he may have just had a particularly stressful night, or had a little stomach bug. Cats is weird sometimes, and things like explosions (fireworks) or celebrations can throw them off sometimes.

Regardless, I’d still go to the vet tomorrow for him. Better safe (and knowing for sure).

Good luck with your kitty - I know how stressful it is when the little buggers are sick and you can’t do anything to make them feel better directly. Very powerless feeling, very uncomfortable. :frowning:

Thanks, Lasciel! He doesn’t mind the water, and it’s not really “forcing” him, per se, he knows that when a syringe with something comes near his mouth is usually to help, so if I just hold him by the scrape of the neck he opens his mouth and just takes it. BUT, regardless, your suggestion about the wet towel sounds infinitely less stressful, so I’m going to try that. I’ve already fed him a bit of baby food (I keep that as our vet-approved snacks, which they love), and he lapped at the back of a spoon a little bit (a welcome change in mood from what this morning had brought!), and once dinnertime came, while the other two devoured their stuff, I gave him a teeny portion of it, and he got up on his chair and had at a portion of it. Minuscule portion, but that is more than nothing! He has not thrown up again - although he has not gone to the bathroom either, and this worries me. I had a blocked cat in the past and it was torturous to see him go through it. I guess that according to what you said, then, I can rule out the blockage? I pray. As for ingested objects, I keep thinking but can’t come up with a single thing he could’ve ingested =\ Fireworks just started about 15 minutes ago, actually…he’s had this going since yesterday night (although as a rule, they have never minded the fireworks, believe it or not). Thanks so much for responding too!!

Could he have gotten into yarn or string? Tempting him with tiny amounts of food and getting him to groom water off himself is a good idea. Is he a longhair?

You’ve caught this early, so hopefully getting him to the vet this morning will see him set right.

I know how much my cats mean to me. What’s his name? You are both in my thoughts…and a prayer to Bast can’t hurt.

Thanks, SnakesCatLady! Nope, no yarn in this home (precisely because I KNOW these kids!). I lock all the toys that have the slightest danger potential, and I only put them out when I’m supervising. If I told you the lengths to which I go for these little guys you’d want to kick me. Unless it was a carpet thread (which would be very hard for a cat to get, I imagine). His name is Isoceles Descartes, by the way. Long story. What kind of kids do you have? ID is a Siamese…as for the prayer…I know “the Lord’s prayer” in 8 languages (personal fixation to learn it in as many as possible) but “meow” is not one of them!

He now seems a bit more alert, despite his insistence on staying on the floor, as opposed to being on my bed, as he’s always been. You think I’m going to sleep tonight? HA. I’ve already e-mailed my boss telling him I’m not coming in until the afternoon.

So – how is he this morning?

MLS - you know? I woke up to him meowing annoyingly (this is a GOOD thing). He actually wanted to eat, but I didn’t feed them, on everyone here’s and doctor’s advice. Took him straight to his doctor, who asked me a gazillion questions to rule the really bad stuff out, and his theory was that he must’ve eaten a spider (apparently highly toxic to cats, didn’t know that - just had the outside fumigated and I did see a few disgusting of those satanic creatures crawl in, trying to escape the horror befalling them outside). Maybe one crawled in while I slept and Descartes ate it, I’ll never know! He was sent home with anti-vomit/anti-diarrhea meds for a week, specific instructions on amounts of food, and a CBC, of which I’ll have results tomorrow. So, Descartes is good news…but my oldest, who had an appointment anyway (annual) in two days (took him in too), I’d been telling the doctor that he’s skinnier…he kept telling me that I was probably imagining things b/c I worry “too much”. I NEVER imagine things when it comes to these kids. He took one look at him and said, “What the heck happened?” Duh. “I TOLD YOU SO,” I said. CBC for tomorrow too, and at 5 lost pounds in less than a year, the possibilities, I’m told, are kidney or liver malfunction (worst of cases) or hyperthyroidism (the better news, and quite frankly what I’m hoping for, if nothing less heart-wrenching is a possibility). So, to sum it all up, I’m still peeing my pants :\

Glad your vet is being helpful, and I want you to know that I think Isoceles Descartes is a fab name for a cat. :slight_smile:

Isn’t there a rule…? something about cats and pictures??

If you mean we must see a picture of the kitties in question, then I concur. (Meow. That’s Cat for “Yes, indeed.”)

Jeez - I thought it was right in the registration agreement…

Cough up the kitty pics! I’m glad your fluff is feeling a bit better. :slight_smile:

Well, as well-trained as these boys have me, they have not taught me how to “cough up” anything, but I’m happy to share an approved picture (and I mean approved by them, of course)…alas, I’m new to this kind of online place and have no clue how to post a picture! Help? <:)

Purplehorseshoe, thanks! You can tell I love philosophy (and France) by the names I gave this trio: Pascal de la Sorbonne et Sur Seine (royalty name, of course, and this is precisely the one over whom I’m now worried until I get results back!!) and Isoceles Descartes (I actually detest symmetry but his Siamese boots look EXACTLY the same, so I had to). The third boy is so different in character that I could not name him after a philosopher; he HAD to have the name of one of Omar Shariff’s characters, so I named him Susurrus Aurum El Raisuli.

Well, cats already regard themselves as royalty, so why not give them titles commensurate with their station.

Consider yourself lucky that they allow you to serve them.

Veterinary advice is best suited to IMHO.

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I’m glad ID is feeling better and hope the test results are good for Pascal.

I think you win the kitty names competition! I had tried to keep the names of mine around a theme but personality-wise it just didn’t work. For example, a small black and white kitten started out being Captain Picard. He wasn’t really old enough to be a Captain, so I changed it to Cadet Picard. Turns out he wasn’t bright enough to graduate from StarFleet so he is now The Shoe.

How’s Pascal doing today?

Sigh :*(

Greenslime - I am lucky that they are in my life, no bones about that.

Colibri - I did take them. I’m not happy with the results :frowning:

Snakescatlady - I think “The Shoe” is dignified enough - don’t be fooled about his brightness, though. He just probably didn’t want to let you see it :wink:

Ekedolphin - every time I pet him I’m reminded of my 15 yr old who died of cancer. He’s just so skinny…his doctor said yesterday after bloodwork (everything there is okay, kidneys, liver, thyroid, etc.) and an X-ray, that it’s either IBD (his intestine was a bit inflamed) or lymphoma. IBD is a precursor to cancer anyway, so I have not been able to sleep since I came back. He gave him an injection that (he said) will make it better for about 10 days, in which, he says too, that Pascal should gain weight (I’ve been feeding him whenever he asks, as opposed to their regularly scheduled meals). IF he does not gain, doc says it’ll be lymphoma, so I’m just sitting there, waiting to see if I’m going to have to watch another person in my life waste away in pain like that.