Help us find magnetic flames

Some years back I gave my brother a motorcycle. When I rode it I had put (approximately 5 X 3 inch) magnetic flames on the tank, one on each side. Kind of hokey I know, but it was a cheap and easy way to add some flare to the otherwise plain tank.

After years gone by the flames have faded and he wants to replace them. He told me he’s going nuts trying to find them. Auto parts stores, specialty custom auto stores, ebay, the web. All he can find are the huge ones made for cars and trucks.

I looked myself. And he’s right. The small ones aren’t anywhere to be found. IIRC I bought the first set at a truck stop in northern Wisconsin, circa 1998.

HERE is what they look like (the flame directly under the Pontiac logo).

Any idea where he could find these?

Keep in mind he wants them to be magnetic, not adhesive.

Good taste prevents me from assisting you in this quest. :smiley:

Googling for “flame magnets for cars” brings up quite a few hits.

There is nothing else on the tank so they do make it seem less plain.
But hey, I wouldn’t be looking myself except for the challenge. It hasen’t even been my bike for over 10 years.

See the OP.

Almost all of them are the large ones for cars and/or are not magnetic. So no go.

What area of the country (planet?) does your brother live in?
A dozen years ago, there was a place in San Diego called Cycle Parts West with dozens of binders full of pages of stickers and magnets for motorcycles. They were my go-to shop for aftermarket parts, tires & changing service, and a few other services I couldn’t do for myself. I have no idea if they’re still there or not.

If you’d rather look on-line, try

and, naturally…

Have fun hunting!


A place that makes signs for political campaigns?? :slight_smile:

Southeast Wisconsin about 37 miles north of Milwaukee.

I bought the first set off the rack at a truck stop for about $10. So when he told me he couldn’t find them anywhere I thought he was nuts but it looks like he was right.

Were they maybe packaged something like this? Looks like a very similar product, possibly from the same company.

Here’s an 18" one. What length are you looking for?


I saw those before. Those are much smaller and not the color he wants. Surprisingly I couldn’t find anything else made by that company that matches the old set.

Here’s 11".


If you can’t find what you need, you could always buy adhesive flames and some sheet magnets.

Stick flames to magnet, cut magnetic sheet to fit, boom.

That would make a bitchin decal. Good idea. :wink:

I see what you did there:eek:

And I liked it.:D:D

Sheets of magnetic flux and flames? Strapped to a tank of gasoline? Oh, you’re just asking for trouble.


Most sign shops do magnetic signs. Show them a photo of too-big or stick-on flames. They can print it in whatever size you want on magnetic stock.

Does this mean you don’t have Illest and Hoonigan stickers on your cars?

Maybe a hockey helmet from Calgary. :slight_smile: