Help! Watching Barcelona/La Liga Soccer in U.S. this Season?


My son the goalkeeper is getting into watching soccer and enjoys Barca. He’s away on a Scouting trip or I would have him do this research :wink:

FC Barcelona is playing Real Real Sociedad, apparently on August 18th before he gets back.

So, two questions:

  • If I have Verizon FiOS and live in the Northeast, what is the best way to determine if it will be broadcast on one of their channels? I have tried Googling variations of searches but no joy.

  • If it turns out that this soccer match will NOT be shown on a Verizon FiOS channel - or, for that matter, many other La Liga matches - **would you recommend an online streaming soccer site? If so, which one(s)? **Should I seek a free one, or is subscribing better (and if so, why?).

Thanks for any help!!

Step 1: make sure your antivirus is up to date.

Step 2: ; ; (the first two are safer virus-wise, so check them in that order)

And it’s only Real[sup]1[/sup] Sociedad :slight_smile: they haven’t gone Imperial yet!

Oops - blew the cut n’ paste; sorry!

So marca is for free streaming, but it can have viruses? Hmm, what if it was viewed on an iPad?

ETA: oh, and thank you for the quick reply!

iPads can get bugsies too. Get the antivirus up to date. My brother gets most of his bugs from marca, his porn sites are a lot cleaner…

Makes sense.

Anyone have any insights on whether it is available on a FiOS channel? I would like to be able to DVR it while he is away. (I suppose that if it is not available on FiOS, the websites like marca will have it available for replay for a while on the site??)

Check out the other two sites first, less bugsy. Also (but keeping track of who is showing it in Spain can get complicated) and

For rtve, antena3 and telecinco it should be under deportes

I have FiOS and live in the northeast. EPL games are easy to find. La Ligua is tough to find on non subscription channels, but ESPN2 shows some Barca and Madrid matches (but mostly EPL ) as does Fox Soccer channel, and if you subscribe to the channel (I don’t) GolTV shows a lot of La Liga. I really only follow EPL now because other leagues take too much work to follow and I am only a casual (novice) fan anyway. But it does exist on FiOS.

I get most of my EPL scheduling info from the American centric EPL site There is a sister site that you may want to check out which should help your son find out all sorts of stuff.

LiveSoccerTV is likely the best source of information on the Internet as far as football coverage world-wide is concerned – streaming sites included. I’ve been a subscriber for years and love their information.

Here’s the link to La Liga’s coverage.

That said, might I gently suggest your son changes allegiances to FIFA’s best club of the XX Century, Real Madrid? Odds are neither you or I will be able to see it, but all my money is on a XXI Century repeat.

Hala Madrid!

Cheers & enjoy.

Good stuff - thanks!!

He is a fan of Saint Iker, but really likes Iniesta…

I watch regular season La Liga all the time on ESPN3.

Wait…you’re telling me that TV sites are virus-ridden?

With ESPN3, I think your son would be able to see pretty much every Barca and RM league match this season. Their matches that are already broadcast on ESPN Deportes get on 3, and I think the matches that are on GolTV (the network) still get on ESPN3. The question would be whether you have access to ESPN3 or not based on your internet provider.

It seems to me that in a given weekend, ESPN Deportes has one of either Barca or RM’s match, and Gol gets the other. They split the broadcasts of the Classicos last year.

My pleasure. It’s obvious your kid knows his players – and being a goalie he could do a lot worse than model himself after St Iker!

**mkecane **and **Red Fury **- I think all of that makes sense. Basically, I will have to dig in and check out these options and figure out what works based on our config. I just may have to start before my son gets back given the one Barca/Sociedad game - but I am sure they will have it online for him to stream a day or two later if he wants. The biggest issue that is our big screen TV is much better for a match vs. an iPad, so DVR would be more straightforward…

As for his knowledge - well, he is getting there - and watching GK’s like Casillas and Field General-types like Iniesta is great for his own playing…

Quick suggestion: If possible, just hook a laptop through the HDMI output/TV input and you can watch any streams on you big screen – you can record them to the hard-drive using a downloader such as Internet Download Manager (IDM). I’ve had that set-up for a long time now.

No doubt – two of the best on and off the pitch. Character counts if an athlete is going to inspire a kid.

Right. So it’s best not to follow Madrid too closely - your kid might end up being inspired by that thug Pepe, madman Mourinho, or that effete arsehole C. Ronaldo :smiley:

FYI, a new channel called beIn Sports will be broadcasting La Liga, Serie A, and Ligue 1. Dammit. TWC needs to pick this up! I’m not sure yet how this will affect (legal) internet broadcasts in the US.

As far as I can tell only DirecTV and dish are going to carry BeIn. That’s rough.

Update - Barca is playing Osasuna now. I am trying to find how to watch it and not having luck. I was directed to which is showing a scoreboard update but when I try to watch the video I appear to need to subscribe to something. Should I expect to pay?