Help With A Brain Teaser

I have been given these lists of brain teasers that are visual and normally connect to a phrase.

An example is that there are seven C’s in a row and it means the Seven Seas.

There is one which is He’s/ Himself. Closest I can get is "He’s up himself’ but I don’t think that is correct.

Any clues?

He’s beside himself.

This is one of those spreadsheet based games where if you put in the incorrect answer it is rejected.

The computer rejects the answer ‘He’s beside himself’.

Can you send it to me or link me to it?

Unfortunately it is on paper (the version I have). I gave your answer to the person who was asking me and she told me about it being rejected.

If you haven’t already, try “He is beside himself”

Also try Hes beside himself. The people that make those things don’t always have the best spelling or grammar.

He’s by Himself ?

Split personality, perhaps?

If that is really a ‘/’ perhaps something along the line of “Divided against himself” but I vote for “Beside”.

He’s ahead of himself…?

(I’m with the ‘besides’ crowd, but this is worth a shot)

Huh? I don’t get it. How does “He’s beside himself” relate back to dealing with the seven seas and having “7 c’s in a row?”

He’s over himself. No more narcissistic behavior for him. Or, it just means that he’s one. With himself. It’s a zen thing.

He’s over himself was my first guess.

He’s not himself perhaps.

Split personality?

It’s a separate puzzle. They’re visual puns, if you like. I know them as “Dingbats”.


C C C C C C C = the seven seas

[sub]S[/sub][sup]G[/sup][sub]E[/sub][sup]G[/sup] = scrambled eggs

HE’S / HIMSELF = he’s beside himself.

I think I’ve seen the last one as:

     | HIMSELF
HE'S |
     | RAGE

or “he’s beside himself with rage”.

Dingbat logic would require the “HIMSELF” part to be struck through, I’d have thought.

Ah! I get it. He’s over himself sounds best to me if it’s a division thing.

He’s divided himself? What is he, an amoeba?

Thanks for the replies- I do like the amoeba one. I don’t know the answer, but if it was ‘He’s over himself’ wouldn’t it more correctly be ‘He’s’ on a line above ‘himself’?