Solve this stupid logic puzzle for me!

Ok, I snagged a book of logic puzzles from the supermarket as I’m terrible at them, and wanted to practice them. I’ll certainly need the practice as I’m struggling with them.

There’s this one puzzle, though, that I can’t figure out even with the solution at the end.

Looking at the answer, I can figure out the first sentence easily enough. The second sentence I also got. The third one, however, has me stumped. I simply cannot determine how they excluded Aaron from becoming the brainy guy. Can anyone shed some light on this?

you have to compare the 2nd and the 6th clue:

looking at the 6th clue - if Aaron were to become Brainy, that means the former Brainy became Shy; and that would contradict the 2nd clue, so it cannot be.

The former brainy guy is the current cute guy. Therefore, the Dude who became the shy guy was not formerly the brainy guy. So Aaron didn’t become the brainy guy, because he stepped into the shoes of the one who became shy.

Gah! I hate these things!

So then, you’re not the brainy guy, and seem frustrated, thus not the happy guy. You posted the puzzle, so you must not be the shy guy. If you fire off a snappy come-back to this, that will nail you as sassy, otherwise cute.

I was the sassy guy. Now I’m cute. :slight_smile:

For some reason the name ‘Scott’, ‘McKinney’, and “[people] [locative preposition] the [location]” made me think of another group of five males.