Help with a lyric in a Springsteen song.

Entire lyrics here

For yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeears I thought this was Douch. Which clearly made no sense. Now, after the subject came up at bowling, I googled it and discovered what it really is.

But what does it mean?

I know deuce means 2. Frankly, I’m as deep as a puddle of pee. Give me some insight, oh hipper and with it Dopers.

Deuce means deuce coup.

That would be douche :smack:

A deuce is a type of hot rod. Think “Little Deuce Coupe”.

When Manfred Mann’s Earth Band did the far superior version of this song in 1976 they changed the line to “revved up like a deuce”.

And I bet you liked William Shatner’s cover of “Lucy in the sky with diamonds” better than the original too, right? :smiley:

Well, no, but I did like Elton John’s version better.

Now, if we’re talking “Rocket Man”…


From a forum devoted to Bruce Springsteen, here is a discussion of the lyrics.

Specifically, a “Deuce Coupe” is a 1932 Ford Model B.

For an opinion like that, can we remove your charter member status or something?

I’ma gonna call Weak-Kneed Willy and Big-Bones Billy to come and whip you into shape.

Bring it on. To quote Dave Grohl on Bruce: “If he’s the boss, I f*ckin’ quit.”


I am so dense.
Still, it would be funnier [sizee=1] Psssst, shirl, funnier isn’t a word. [/size] if it was *Revved up like a douche. *

Ok. It’s not that funny.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I admire the man for his dedication to his fans. I’ve heard about his marathon concerts.

I like “Born to Run” and “Dancing in the Dark” (at least until MTV wore that crappy video).

Otherwise, he just doesn’t do it for me.
IMHO, of course.

YBMV (your boss may vary :D)

pssst. Shirley, you are an idiot.

I know what you mean. William Hung as really made that song his own.

Of course “funnier” is a word.

I meant funner which I didn’t think was a word until I looked it up.



Well, funnier is worder than funner.