Help with a Malcolm in the Middle quote?

I haven’t watched Malcolm in the Middle in a while, but I remember a quote by Francis, talking to his wife, that said basically that his suburban white culture was nothing but screaming and minivans. I’ve been trying to google this for a while, but unsuccessfully. Does anyone know/have a link to the exact quote? I’d be very, very thankful.

(BTW, I think it was in the episode where Francis found the totem pole in Alaska, and was trying to discover its “message.”)

He wasn’t married to her at the time. He was living in a cabin with three other workers, one of whom was his buddy from military school. They grew increasingly concerned as his obsession with the totem pole deepened. The owner of the pole had a cool speech about culture when he showed up.

The discussion you’re describing between Francis and Piama may have taken place during an episode when he discovered he could legally open an Indian casino in their home, somewhere in the latter half of season 3.

Ah, I think you’re very right. I still haven’t found the quote, but I appreciate your help just the same.

It’s from Season 3, Episode 21, “Cliques.” Francis has started an “Indian Casino” because Piama’s house is partly on a reservation, and she gets upset that he keeps telling his customers that “it’s all in the tribe.” So she spends a bunch of money on a coat or something, and it leads to this exchange:

Francis: … You don’t just go and spend a bunch of money and not say anything!

Piama: It’s all in the tribe, right?

Francis: That’s what this is about? What am I, overstepping my bounds because I’m white?

Piama: No, but it’s … it feels weird!

Francis: We’re married. That means I’m a part of your family and culture just like you’re a part of mine. Believe me, if I had anything in my heritage besides crappy minivans and nonstop screaming, I’d share it with you!

Piama: It’s not the same! …