Help with a quote? Google is not my friend today. "The trend will remain the same until it changes"

There’s a quote by someone (I want to say some prominent investor like JP Morgan or Warren Buffet) that says “The trend will remain the same, until it changes.” I’ve tried Googling different combinations of those words, by themselves and alongside names like Buffet and Morgan, and come up with nada. Would kind Dopers know it offhand, both the correct wording and the attribution?

Stein’s Law?

If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.

Try Googling “until it isn’t” with the quotes.


The only variation I’ve found was a line from a poster on Their sig is a self-quote that says:

There’s a joke post from the same poster using the phrase here:

Did you maybe see it there? Or in someone’s sig elsewhere?

Google is your friend, until it’s not.

“The trend will remain the same until it isn’t” ? I’m not sure that’s even grammarful.

Oh, that was me. I stated that at a logistics meeting in May of 1997. It kinda stuck.

Thanks for remembering !

Could you be thinking of Yogi Berra’s “I always thought that record would stand until it was broken.”

I’ve heard “The trend stays the same until it doesn’t” or similar. I’d put it in a category alongside sayings such as “You won’t go broke by selling for a profit” and “Buy low, sell high” - all well-known (in investing circles, at the very least) sayings but no original sources.

“[Yossarian] had decided to live forever or die in the attempt…”

No, it’s not grammatical. I was working under the assumption that you had, perhaps, mis-remembered the actual quote. I remembered the phrase “until it isn’t” as something similar to the sense of your quote. Googling that phrase brought up lots of instances of that phrase being used. So I thought perhaps you could find the phrase you were looking for in that group of quotes.


p.s. What you’re talking about also relates (somewhat) to what I’ve heard termed a “black swan” event. Maybe this phrase will help you track down the quote you are looking for.