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Can anybody recommend a website where I can find stock price quotes that go back several months? I know there are several good sites for finding the up to the minute stock prices, but what I’m looking for is not up to the minute price. For instance, if I want to find out what Microsoft common and or Ford Motor Co. common was selling at closing as of May 23, 1999, is there a website for that?

I ask because at work I prepare estate tax returns, and stocks are usually valued as of the date of death. My current method of getting this info is to either dig through back issues of the Wall Street Journal or else call up the client’s stockbroker.

You ought to be able to get what you want from [url=]Yahoo! Finance[/url) (for reasonable periods of time; I doubt that they provide quotes from the Great Depression). Go to that site, type the desired ticket symbol into the edit box, choose “Chart” from the drop-down list, and click on “Get Quotes”. Below the chart, click on the “historical quotes” link, choose the start and end dates to include the date(s) that you want, and click on “Get Historical Data”.

I use Yahoo.

Just below the graph on the right there is a link called historical quotes. It is what you need.

Yahoo can give you that. Go to a stock quote, there’s a link for “historical quotes” that will give you the price on any given day.

You can manipulate graphs to your heart’s content at

(Insert predictable disclaimer about non-endorsement of commercial sites)

A hearty thank you! Those sites are what I want.

I feel compelled to let anyone in this thread know about the Teeming Millionaires, a stock market game created for Dopers.

Click the link in my sig and head to the fourth page of the thread. We had to close our first game and create a second one… the info on how to join is all there.

Any questions, let me know!

MSN Investor is another good one. I believe it’s

I particularly like Their charts are interactive and easy to use. also has good charting, with more technical graphs for stock geeks.