Source for free stock quotes in email?

I’ve been looking around for a source for free stock quotes in email, and I’ve completely struck out. Any dopers out there have a recommendation?

I’ve found a lot of sites that offer a custom web page that will provide quotes, but the sites that email your quotes want $$. So, alternatively, if anyone knows a good utility that will chew up web pages and email text versions (has to be plain text for this project) of said web page to me, that would work to.


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Why e-mail? AOL Instant messenger give you free quotes. It’s delayed 15 minutes, but unless you’re a big trader, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Thanks RealityChuck, but it has to be e-mail because the project involves sending quotes (or reformatted html pages) to Blackberry PDAs which are part of a Microsoft Exchange infrastructure.

This is just a WAG but Excel might be able to do it. There’s a built in web query that retreaves any reasonable number of stock quotes from MSN (15 min delay) built into all post xl97 versions and I know in my 2k edition there is an send as e-mail atachment option. I believe you could write a macro to automate the whole process.

Wow. Good idea Ennui, I’ll try that.