Help with a resume

Hi! I have a GF who’s looking for something in the secretarial, clerical office field. At the top of the resume she has to fill out it askes for an objective.

Well, duh, the objective is to get a paycheck, but that doesn’t sound like it’d roll on a proper resume. Do you have any advice or opinion about what could go there?

Thank you in advance.

Start off with what you know how to do and where you got the skills. A clear concise objective will get the reader to go beyond the :"Well, I can put papers in a filing cabinet and sometimes I can make them alphabetical, but I haven’t had to do that since kindergarden.

Try this:

Organizational Administrator for Project Managers and Sales Team. Company Leader in Sales and Procurement. Most recently functioning as a Poject manager for Big Company X, a National Banking institution specializing in lending money to people. Subsequently, holding a position as a Real Estate Paralegal at Get-Real Real Estate LLC, a local law firm specializing in Real Estate Closings, following a position as an Account Executive for ABC Home Loans, a National Mortgage Company offering various loan products. Formerly working as a Small Business Manager at ABC CO. Inc. , a National company providing Special Services to various industries. Hold a Bachelor’s in drinking beer. Highly Computer Literate: List Computer Skills here.

Off the top of my head that’a about it…

I hire quite a few people based on the merits of their resume. It always if fun to help others out from my stand point.

That objective tells me everything I want to hear.

Be concise but don’t blather.

The Objective sentence in your resume is where you show the prospective employer that you’ve done your research. You need to re-write it for each job that you apply for, so that your objective fits with that job.

Basically, you read the job ad or description, and parrot it back in a concise format. Hopefully calling attention to your skills (e.g., “Objective: An executive assistant position where I can make use of my extensive wordprocessing experience.”)

It’s all about the sales. She needs to sell her abilities.

Thank you. I will give her these suggestions.