Help with Adobe Distiller

I am trying to enlarge the pages of a PDF file. I have cropped them and when printing I have no problem getting it to print larger by choosing, depending on the version of the reader, either “Fit to page”, or “Expand small pages to page size”. But I would like to distribute this file to people without having to give them instructions, especially instructions that depend on the version. I have looked through the documentation of the Distiller and I cannot find a way to do this.

Did you happen to have created the PDF yourself? If not, I think you might be out of luck … unless Distiller can make another PDF out of an existing PDF.

The pdf was created in the following way: Scan a book, convert it to pdf (I don’t know how that was done; I paid a student to do it and I think he used software that came with the scanner), use pdflatex in conjunction with pdfpages to put it in 2 up format (the original was on pages that were approximately 5.5 x 8.5). At this point, the original, not in very large point size to begin with appears to have shrunk and I decided to enlarge it. This works, but I wanted to avoid having to give users instructions to enlarge on printing. I guess I will have to.

I had a different problem with Distiller, and I’l post it here in the hope that someone else may have run into it.

We were using mapping software, and printing maps on a laser printer at 11"x17" size. After printing these maps I would run the mapping software’s output through Distiller so as to keep the maps in a common format for future reference.

We then started printing maps on a large-format plotter, producing 36"x48" maps (really cool!). I attempted to run these maps through Distiller for the same reason, but the program would error out every time.

I have seen maps of this size in PDF format, but I was never able to produce any.

Any ideas?