Help with fonts

I’m doing some stuff that involves foreign placenames and need some better fonts. Especially Times New Roman.

I’m running Win98 and I think I have the standard MS fonts which aren’t too bad. But only one of the fonts (Lucida Unicode) has a certain character that’s in the Latin Extended-B set. I don’t much care for Lucida.

Anyone know where I can get a better set of fonts?

Time New Roman (as do most major fonts) already include a great number of foreign characters and symbols. There are keyboard shortcuts for all of these that are universal. For instance, “ñ” can be created by holding the “Alt” key while typing 164 on your 10-key keypad.

A good way to access these characters without knowing the keyboard shortcuts is by running Character Map, a program built into Windows. You should find this program under Start / Programs / Accessories / System Tools. If not, you can also run it by clicking the Start button, choosing Run…, typing in charmap, then clicking OK.

Character Map allows you to copy a character from the available set and paste it into your document. It also gies the keyboard shortcut equivalents in the lower right corner.

      • Most half-decent word processors have some means for you to view all the available characters in a font set… -in Word 2000 for instance, go to “Insert”->“Symbol”…

“Insert”->“Symbol” is basically the same as Character Map, but Character Map is an independent application. So if someone doesn’t have Word they can still find those characters.

Good tip, DougC. I didn’t even know that existed.

It seems to me the OP already knows how to add new fonts, and only wants information on where to get these.

A couple of years ago I could with some persistance find free fonts at several sites (fontcity or something?). You may want to look with Yahoo or Google (search on fonts and free).

Another option is to install MS Word or an alternative word processor: most of these come with a lot of new fonts.

If that’s the case, go down to your local Best Buy and get a font CD. You can get hundreds of fonts for next to nothing.

The problem with free fonts is:

[li]They are usually built by someone working in their basement (frelancer, student, tinkerer, etc.), not a company, so [/li][li]they don’t usually have full character sets. Many free fonts just have numbers and the standard alphabet, maybe some special characters but rarely any foreign characters, which is what is being requested.[/li][/ul]

Fonts can be purchased individually or in packages as well from many sites, including:

Freebies can be found at:

Or do what TTT suggested, buy some word processing (or layout & design software like Quark, Illustrator, etc.) and you’ll get a boatload of fonts.

Thanks for the comments everyone.

I guess I wasn’t quite as clear as could have been. I already have the MS Times New Roman that comes standard with MS Word. It doesn’t happen to have a certain character that I need. I was wondering if someone knew of a different Times New Roman (or similar font) that has all of the Latin Extended-B characters. Or at least a lot more than the handful that the MS one does.

From what Jberto says, I better not be optimistic about finding what I want. Perhaps I should roll my own.

What character do you need?

The character I need right now is the schwa, which is used in Azerbaijani. On further research, I’ve found that its lowercase is 0x259 which is in the IPA Extensions charset (even though there’s an identical looking character in Latin Extended-B) but the capital form is 0x18F in the Extended-B set.

However, in the future I’m pretty sure I will need others in the Extended-B set.