Help with old spanish folk song

I was listening to an old folksong on You Tube called “Un deseo lleno de impaciencia santa.” I like the song but unfortunately I took Spanish roughly 30 years ago and only got to level two so I have no idea what the lyrics mean and all my google searches have been in vain. Anyone out there who speaks Spanish well enough to give me an idea? I can’t even find the lyrics written in Spanish online so as to attempt a translation myself.

A wish filled with holy impatience.
Why, if you admit my complaints
You run from my arms afterwards?
And when I arrive to yours
You leave and leave me alone?
Once you told me
Promising the good thing you are waiting for
“Open your mouth, that I want
to fill it with my graces”
And now that in your visits
Of impatient thirst I rage
As soon as I touch it with my lip
When you take my cup away

I look at the good things that taunt me
And how I only see him
And I don’t enjoy him desire
That my eyes become a mouth.

When, the pity I feel
Will touch in enjoyment love
And the pain will have an end
Of this sweet torment
When, in the sweet rags, of your loving ties
My arms will have to do
What my eyes are doing now

No. I’m not even kidding. This is the literal translation from modern Spanish to modern English. Of course, being a medieval jewish song adapted to the Mexican variant of Spanish, some things must have been lost in translation.