Help with song, chorus Goes "And I have witnessed the coming of Countless new days"

Hi. I’ve got a piece of a song that used to hear on the radio while I was growing up (at a guess it was ~8-9 years ago), on the station from Pottsville, Pennsylvania. Anyway, from what I can remember of the song, pieces of the chorus go “And I have witnessed the coming of countless new days, from the Pennsylvania Turnpike, up to Wilkes-Barre, PA” and Something about a mission and then “Smoking Cigarrettes and Drinking way too much caffeine”. I’ve tried both googling and using song lyrics databases for the phrases I can remember with no luck- I’m starting to think I’m crazy, on the basis that If you can’t google it, it must not exist right ?

So, can anybody help me out, does anyone know the band, song title, and/or the rest of the lyrics or where I can buy the CD ??
Thanks !

I give up. I found exactly ONE page that contained the phrase “countless new days”. Is it possible you’re misremembering the words?

Just so you know, Help Me ID This Song threads pretty much belong in Cafe Society. A mod should be here to move it within a few minutes. I tried googling too. Like Q.E.D, I only found one page. However I also learned that it’s Wilkes Barre with a space, not Wilkesbarre. I don’t think it’ll help though.

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Possibly it’s some variant on the Battle Hymn of the Republic ? The song cries out for parody, and the songwriters have heard. One example: Psychotherapy

And another (a personal fave from me wicked schoolyard days).

The Burning of the School