Help with suspected Herpes ?

A female acquaintance of mine suspects she might have contacted herpes from oral sex performed a while back. She first suspected it to be yeast but now believes it might be herpes.

She is staying at an army base and is hesitant to see the doctor there because she is concerned that she she may be accused of infedility.

The questions here are :

1> Is there anyway she can diagnose by herself, if she does have the dreaded herpes ?

2> Is there any OTC drugs avaialable to treat this in Europe ?

3> Is there any hope for her to see a doc discreetly in Europe ?
Thanks for your answers in advance

Please - any help is appreciated.

Here is a link that might help.

Good luck!

I don’t have a cite unfortunately, but I know there is a mail order blood test one can take and order online (there is also one to test for HIV). The one for herpes isn’t 100% accurate, like getting the preferred Western Blot Blood Test from a doctor, but it can give you a fairly resonable answer. There may be info about it on the Antopia website.

I hope all turns out possitive (and by that, I mean I hope she’s negative).

There is NO SUBSTITUTE for proper examination, testing and diagnosis by a physician or nurse practitioner! The blood test will NOT tell if the active vaginal symptoms are due to herpetic infection. They’ll only indicate whether or not the person has antibodies to the Herpes Simplex virus (and most people do!).

Try the local Planned Parenthood clinic. They’re cheap, discreet, and real good at this stuff.


Here’s the website of the International Planned Parenthood Federation. You don’t say where in Europe she is, but perhaps this can help her find a nearly location.

is she having oral or vaginal problems? i don’t think you can get herpes on your vagina by performing oral sex. you could get herpes on your mouth though.

but you could get herpes on your mouth anyway. fever blisters, or cold sores, are herpes of the mouth, herpes simplex 1, (the std is simplex 2). these are common in our family. i get one about once a year, since i was a small child, usually in the same place.

Yes, one can get genital herpes from exposure to oral lesions.


but only if the oral lesions touch the genitals, right?

by that i mean, it seemed to me in the OP that the patient in question was using oral skills on an infected genital. not having an infected mouth on her private area.

although i do not doubt what you said, QtM

Yes, you are correct, jujuju. It needs genital to herpes lesion or herpes secretion contact to get genital herpes. However, using saliva as a lubricant can transmit the virus from oral lesion to genitals without ever having oral-genital contact.