Help with TV or Movie Based on Scene

Sorry upfront for the vagueness of this scene.

Possibly a movie, but I’m thinking more TV show.

Character is tapping on the side of their glass to start a speech or statement and as they tap they say something like

“Attention! Attention! I’m tapping my glass to seem important.” Or “…tapping my glass to get your attention.”

Can’t remember the line exactly, but I remember that it was more of a literal type joke that was unexpected and it really caught me off guard and made me laugh out loud, literally.

Sorry, thats all the details I have.

Hm. Any chance that’s in the movie The Invention of Lying?

Never saw it.

I do know that what ever it was, I saw it in the past couple weeks. I’ve been binging Supernatural,* Cheers*, and* No Tomorrow* on Netflix.

I may have seen other stuff during this time as well, but those 3 shows comprised most of TV watching time.

I do also seem to recall that the character that says the line is kind of unsure about the custom of proposing a toast/making a speech. Kind of like they are unaware of social customs, like Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang or maybe Castiel from Supernatural. Those are just examples though, I don’t recall Cas ever tapping on a glass to get attention.

The moment does sound familiar, but I can’t really narrow it down. Ever watch Parks and Recreation? It sounds like something that could have come from Chris Pratt’s character.

I have watched a little, but it was months ago. The scene in question was more recently, like in the past 2 weeks. Thanks for trying though.