Help with Windows Connection Sharing

I just reformatted the ol’ hard drive and put windows ME on my machine. Now the internet connection sharing on our other computer (the family machine) that worked with 98se won’t work. I have everything enabled on my machine, and I’ve used the Wizard disk with the family machine. It can check email, but when you try to use internet explorer, it gives you a server can’t be found error. In the status bar it says its looking for (the default IP address for the host machine (mine)).

I would greatly appreciate any help you all can give me.


This may be a long shot, but when I last changed versions of the browser it changed the default for “dialing options” and dropped the “don’t wait for dial tone” (required if you have multiple dial tone option) setting and “*70 to turn off call waiting”. I eventually discovered this, but it had me near tears of frustration, I can tell you.

I fixed it. I’ve been working on it all afternoon and mere minutes after posting here, in utter frustration, I fix it. I could just scream.

Thanks for the reply Fanny May. It wasn’t the problem, but its thought that counts right? :wink:

If a mod or admin chances across this thread, feel free to close it or delete or whatever happens to obsolete threads. Thanks.


Ah, you have discovered another of Murphy’s Laws:

The Unmentionable Law
Whenever you mention a problem to a person who is capable of fixing it, the problem will disappear, only to reappear once they leave.

Whenever you ask for help with a problem, the solution will spontaneously appear in a way that makes you look like an idiot.


Yep, another person who has solved something but didn’t mention how, so that future users looking for the same answer won’t be able to find it… :slight_smile:

However ME has just one incredible assistance book (located under START:H ) for networking. Just reading it can get it going in no time.

I didn’t know it was customary to share the details after you solved the problem. I’m a newbie, whatcha gonna do? :slight_smile:

On the family computer (that is, the one NOT using a modem to connect to the ISP) I had to disable the ‘use proxy server’ button. This was the last thing that occurred to me because I thought that the term proxy server was used to describe an intermediary connector to the internet, if that makes sense. I was just trying it for kicks and I expected things to get worse. Glad I was wrong.


Just a recommendation…

I’ve been told that Win98SE’s ICS was extremely buggy, and would be surprised if ME’s wasn’t still buggy. I highly recommend SyGate or a similar program for what you’re doing.


I tried WinGate and after a couple days of just pulling my hair out because it wouldn’t work, I went back to ICS. Which happens to work very well in my situation, although I’ve heard as many horror stories as you apparently have.

Sygate may be better, but it’s not broken yet and by god I’m not gonna try and fix it. They already have me on watch at the assylum. The things I might do after another day like today could push it over the top.


Henry, the reason I asked you how you got it going is because this topic appears a lot. Just the other day another guy asked a similar question. This way people can search & find your answer & give that a try & then celebrate by having some of your beer.

Yeah I understand the reasoning behind it now. It just didn’t occur to me when I was posting before.

And I’m more into the Vanilla Cream Soda myself, but hey.