Windows ME and 98 question

I have a question about the crummiest OS ever, Windows ME. A friend of mine (honestly, I run win2000) has a couple computers, and she wants to share internet access between the two. First prolem, she is on 56k, so it is gonna be slow. Second, one PC is winME, the other is Win98. I have got the NICs installed in each, and they are seeing each other on the network, I just need to know how to enable the internet connection sharing. Many thanks…

Windows comes with a manual, you need to read it. ICS is no day at the beach, no week at the beach either. I suggest searching the net for ‘internet connection sharing’ instructions if you don’t want to use the huge online manual windows comes with for it.

far better, buy a cheap modem & put it in the other computer.

Frankly, Windows ICS is a big pile of crap. You will be far better off to use another program to do the job. There are a few good programs out there that will perform at worst far better then Windows ICS. Avirt works fairly well, and Wingate is a good program, and WinProxy was a decent program, once upon a time.

Thanks a lot. I have forgotten all about Wingate… If I remember correctly, that was a pretty easy setup.