Windows ME

Well, my buddy just got the New WIndows ME upgrade, and so last night, we upgraded his 98 to it with no problems yet, except for it’s refusal to reboot properly… Just goes to a blank screen and nothing until a reset button push.

So does anyone else use this? What sort of benefits are you getting from it? What do you like and dislike? Any bugs reported, or incompatibilities?

Let’s hear what you have to say about Windows ME.

There was some talk about that lately. I found it to be slower than W98 & a huge resource hog if you use the restore function. Its more a SE3. There are very few drivers for it right now. As for your shutdown thing, try searching their assistance files for ‘shutdown’…

I just discovered a big chafe on my new Gateway that came with ME installed. The Windows update thingy now nags you from the taskbar. It pops up little “speech balloons” until you agree to basically let it go out to the Internet whenever it wants to in order to retrieve updates. Upon snagging the updates, my computer invariably crashes.

This is more irritating than that annoying Office 2000 paperclip avatar. Somebody show me how to kill this auto-updater, before I nuke the O/S and install Win98 SE.

Oh, for the record, I do enjoy some of the new WinME features. This particular computer took only 5 minutes to get connected to my P-to-P network and to my cable modem. I also like the enhanced capabilities for digital video.

The little naggy thingy has some kind of option feature, you can get it to quit bugging you from there about connecting to the net all the time. As far as making it go away, I can’t find it in any startup menu, so I’m betting I’ll have to turn it off in the registry.

I like some of the new features too. It doesn’t seem to be slower, maybe occasionally, not often. It was also nice after the upgrade to still have everything on my puter, all the bookmarks, favorites, links, ect. and I didn’t have to reinstall the other programs.

It does lock up while using Hotmail though, with the MSN messenger. :slight_smile:

Autoupdate can indeed be turned off. I think from the taskbar, I forgot. You click on its icon & tell it to shut up. Anyway, 98% of the questions about windows ME are handled in its bloated assistance files: Start:H