should i upgrade to winME?

hey eveybody! Right now I’m running windows 98, but my dad just got ME so now I have the option of upgrading. I haven’t been keeping up with ME tho so I dunno if it’s supposed to be real buggy or anything, and wanted to get some opinions on wether or not it would be worth upgrading.

No. Put down the ME CD, and back away very, very slowly.

If you must upgrade, go for the gusto, and get XP. ME is a shoddy piece of garbage.

I second the advice to stick with 98. I had 98SE before, and now have ME. I would guess I get the Blue Screen of Death about 3 or 4 times more often now than I did before.

I have Win 98SE on my home PC networked to the two Kid’s with ME installed and I have XP Pro at work.

WinME works fine but it’s just really just an extension of 98SE with some updates and new toys (System Restore is my favorite ME applet). ME works best as a clean install. Installing it on top of an existing 98SE install may occasionally lead to some OS bellyaches. In most cases there’s probably no truly compelling reason to update to ME if you have fully updated version of 98SE.

XP is a much superior OS but it’s also a very different animal and needs substantially higher levels of hardware resources to operate smoothly vs 98 and ME. In addition not all older (and some not that old) Windows programs will install or work properly with XP.

i have WinME and there is no point, honestly. it’s just Microsoft marketing hype. windows 98 is fine. you’d be better upgrading to Win98SE than ME imho.

and if your processor is 1GigHz or more, go for XP.

I can verify the vast suckitude that is Windows ME. I got it pre-installed on my new (2000) computer, which now freezes or crashes several times a day - far more than my old ME-free computer used to. Stick with 98.

Don’t get XP, just install 2000.


Remember when there was only ONE version of windows at any time…

Ummmm… with the exception of Windows 1.0 (yes there was such a beast) not really, they’ve always overlapped to some degree.

The History of Windows

ME is not worth buying but it is worth installing, IMHO.

If your Win98 installation is working well and you don’t want to do a clean install of WinME (and I probably wouldn’t in your position, there is very little to gain - again assuming your OS is stable), do not upgrade.

Otherwise do it. That’s my advice anyway.

Nooo , leave it alone back away slowly and reach for your shotgun and pop both barrels into the WinME CD , its trash very much so .If you are a masochist however and enjoy your PC not shutting down right , crashing while browsing varius URLs then find go ahead make MS’s day.

Off to IMHO.

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Oh Lord no!

Take that CD, and frisbee it into the nearest lake. Then save your pennies and get XP, which I am loving (and I normally resent change).

ME is bossy and rude. When the guy in charge at MS said to his team “We’re going to make an operating system for complete morons”, he should have added “but we don’t want them to know we think they’re morons”. ME all but greets you with “Morning, moron!”. Then it crashes.

I used to be human, and now look at me… Stay Away! Away, I tell you!

Seriously, I upgraded from 98 to ME in a moment of mental fuzziness and since then I have not once thought it was a good idea. ME does nothing good that 98 can’t already do, and has a lot of useless bells and whistles that crash violently on a regular basis.

      • A couple tests I’ve seen showed that 98SE is faster for games and XP is faster with office and media tasks, -but when the higher minimum resources that XP requires are taken into consideration, it’s a serious question if XP is any improvement on technical grounds at all. - MC

IMHO win ME was a last chance MS money grab before XP. It was put together in what seemed to be rushed just-to-get-it-out-the door method. It seems not to have the same level of support or stability of 95,95r2,98,98se.

It also appears to try to mimic win 2000,xp in ways but does so by denying it’s true self and locking you out from it.

I have personally removed ME from 3 machines and reloaded 98se (one was a brand new system w/ me pre-installed, the 2nd was a reformat install and the 3rd was a upgrade)

in short no

My personal recommended upgrade path would be:
win 95rc2 for really old machines as it is faster then 98
Win 98 if and only if you are not having stability problems 98se for everyone else then XP if you have the hardware to handle it.

Me works great for me but then I had to reformat & put it on in order to get the blasted thing to work. I tried just updating w98 with it about 8 times in a row, you know install, uninstall, install, etc, but eventually the only way to get it to work was to reformat. nuts.

one of these days I am going to consider upgrading from Win95…


My laptop came with ME already installed. I didn’t bother uninstalling it.

It still doesn’t shut down correctly sometimes. And it only restarts half the time. However, I have horrible luck installing and/or upgrading things, so I pretty much just live with it. Better than having my computer melt into a flaming pile of silicon and plastic goop.

Just don’t upgrade to it. Not worth your time.


i highly recommend windows 2000 or maybe XP (although i havent used it much)