Internet Connection Sharing

I’ve got a second computer now, a pair of network cards, and a crossover cable. I’ve managed to get the computers to share files, but I can’t get them to share the net connection.

The new computer has a modem, and it has Windows 98 SE. I’ve followed all the instructions to set it up as the host, and to set up the other computer as the client, but I can find no way to get the other computer online.

Is there some trick or setting I’m missing?


I’d suggest searching the net for ‘Internet Connection Sharing’ as youll find lots of info that way.

ICS: It’s a nightmare.

This is the best article on sharing an internet connection:

It is for Windows 98. It may work for Windows Me or 2000. Certainly not Win95.

Giving the client PC a static IP and entering the host PC as the gateway helps sometmes. Make the client pc with a subnet mask of, and put in as the gateway. Oh, don’t use the floppy disk. And make sure the browser settings are correct.

Baraqiyal wrote:

That’s what I was using. It didn’t work.

mblackwell wrote:

How will I know when they’re wrong?

I don’t know if this will help you any, but I had this post archived for whenever the time came up that I’d need it.

Unfortunately, outside of offering that link, I’m not much of help on this topic.

I read the link but all I would like to do is hook up two home PCs to a dial up connection. Is there any kind of wireless system that’s available, or will be available, sometime in the near future?

“. Is there
any kind of wireless system that’s available, or will be available, sometime in the near future?”
There sure is. There are plenty of them, e.g. some that work with your phone wiring, others that work with your electrical wiring, Im sure there is a wireless one, etc. Just try a big computer store network section, they have them.

I do this with a third-party proxy. You can get a good free one from , just look under network apps, it’s called simply " proxy " . It comes with an extensive readme on how to do it, but I can briefly explain it:

I’ll call your PC with the modem the " server " and the one who wants to share the " client " . Set the IP of the NIC in your server to with a subnet mask of You don’t need to fill in anything else in the TCP/IP config.
Set the IP of the client to, with the same subnet mask as the host.

The little proxy program runs on the server. You can bind it to your local IPs so people outside won’t try to break in using it. All you have to do after running the program is configure your email and browser on the client machine. In your browser prefs, choose to use a proxy server, and set it’s address as that of the server ( , port 6588 if you use the analogx program). You’ll have to do the same thing for the smtp (, port 25 ) and POP ( port 110 ) server addresses in the email client. That little program will do email and SOCKS4 as well. And it’s free.