This tearjerkeris alwys on AMC-it is still an enjoyable film-was it ever colorized? Little Roddy McDowell is so innocent-looking-you feel bad for him when he is thrashed by that monster of a schoolmaster.
Anyhow, my question: what is that beautiful Welsh hymn that the miners sing as they walk home from the coal mine?

I can’t recall the movie that accurately but I know that the Welsh hymn Cwm Rhondda featured in the movie, as its English translation Guide Me, O Thou Great Redeemer was sung at Princess Diana’s funeral. The story How Green Was My Valley is set in the Rhondda Valley, so perhaps this is it.

I’m sure if you check the IMDB credits you can find out - why would you want to see it colorized?

It was actually filmed in Malibu Canyon at Paramount Ranch. I was there a few months back, and it was the location for several films including ranging from “Valley” to “Marco Polo” and more recently as the chinese restaurant/whorehouse featured in “Carnivale.” There’s a whole western town there.

Sorry to sound all schoolteacherish, but you really should read the book, if you liked the movie.

The book is one of the most beautiful pieces of literature I’ve ever read.