I need links to all of the other boards! My hubby formated the computer, so I lost all of my book marks and favorite places :o(.

don’t let hubby touch the computer!

Kinda vague? Which boards?
Hmm, vaguely remember this name from way back.
I’ll email ya’ what I’ve got.
Straightdope dot com should be obvious.

If you can get to this board, then you can get to the Straight Dope Message Board (click on “Straight Dope Message Board” in the little diagram in the upper right corner of this screen)… and thence to the Straight Dope Home Page (click on “Straight Dope Home Page” at the bottom of the SD Message Board page. You can then re-establish your favorites.

Of course, if you’re asking how to restore all your OTHER bookmarks and favorite places, I think the technical answer is that you’re SOL. Someone more gifted in resurrection than I would have to help you there.


Really? Where?

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Call Mr Roberts on the phone ,he can do it oraly.