HelperGirl? What's your freaking deal?

Okay, we all know of HelperGirl, the supposed troll who was vindicated (somewhat) but her own ineptitude at understanding why asking the -GRY RIDDLE was not a good idea.

Anyway, a couple of days ago, I get an e-mail. It is from an address I did not recognize, no name, and all it said was this:

Okay, so I responded back with the following: “Um… Who are you?”

I get this reply:

{quote]Just someone interest in music…may I ask your age?

At this point, I’m like WHO THE HELL IS THIS?!? So I respond with the following:

"Tell me something… I don’t know who you are or how you know me… If you got an e-mail from someone under these circumstances, how would you react?

Now then… Where did you find out about me?"

Her response:

Okay, now that I know who the hell she is and how the hell she knows my e-mail address (believe it or not, SDMB is NOT the only place I’m liable to leave a calling card), I reply back with both bits of info she asked.

That was the last I heard of her.

In the immortal words of… someone… WHAT THE FUCK?!?

Yer pal,

I would employ the “block address” feature if I were you.


A friend is someone who likes you even though you’re as ugly as a hat full of assholes.

I’m not sure what to say. I can’t tell if this is an innocent “Comment on your post” type deal or “First Stages of a Stalker.”

The fact that she didn’t make clear about where she heard of you at first isn’t promising.

However, I’ve gotten emails (from people who probably don’t post, but lurk) commenting about my comments twice since I’ve joined. They’ve been innocent. Usually, i reply with a thank you and leave it as that. They’ve never written back.

Since she hasn’t answered back, I’d say that’s the end of it, but if she (can I assume since the handle is “HelperGirl”?) begins harassing you again, Id report it to her ISP or email provider or whatever ( or

Show her you don’t play that.

It is by the fortune of God that, in this country, we have three benefits: freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and the wisdom never to use either.
Mark Twain

Weird, maybe. But no fate could be worse than what Heather wants to do to ya. I say go fer it!

HelperGirl strikes back, eh? Interesting…

Well, I see from her profile and her postings that she has a total of seven posts, all of them in the -gry thread, lives in Terre Haute, Indiana, and is currently in high school. Even if you weren’t in a committed relationship, Satan, I’d still advise a “hands off”. Maybe she’s just interested in breaking into the music business, and the “what’s your age?” question was just an effort to be friendly, but…

Incidentally, this is why I try to avoid leaving my e-mail address lying around. If there is one thing I do not need in my life right now, it’s a cyber-stalker.

Common, Girl. We’re not all bad.

Well, I’m not worried about being stalked, nor am I looking for a date…

My main questions were:

(1) Why would someone send a vague e-mail to someone they don’t know without offing some basic information, like, oh I dunno, WHERE they found out about me? WHO they are?

(2) After alluding to this in my first response, she then did NOT answer, and instead asked me something else!

(3) Then, upon realizing where she got my info from, I answered the questions, only to have her NOT be heard from again. I mean, is she taking a POLL or something?

HelperGirl, let me say that I email and chat with several Dopers. I am not a jerk (though I can be…), but if you’re sending a blind e-mail to someone, it’s kinda helpful to not be as vague as a $2 Fortune Teller!

Yer pal,

If she’s in high school, maybe her parents were monitoring her internet activity. (As a parent, I certainly would!) Now, imagine their surprise when they saw an e-mail from Satan… :slight_smile:

Satan: I had something similar happend to me. A NJ teenager left me an e-mail because we had the same last name. (It’s a pretty rare one in the US.) She asked if we could be related and if we could be e-mail pen pals. I thought, “sure,” and wrote her back. Not one word back. shrug

I once wrote an e-Mail letter to the actor Steven Berkoff (Victor Maitland in “Beverly Hills Cop”, Gen. Orlov in “Octopussy”) for basically the same reason. I actually got a response, and it wasn’t a canned one! From the context, it sure seemed as though he wrote it himself. Sadly, I didn’t archive it and it got purged from my inbox. :frowning:

(Just guessing)

She’s a high school girl, and probably has a crush. At this point, I wouldn’t read too much more into it. My guess on her silence now is that she’s a little bit embarrassed.

A crush?!? On ME?!?!?


Yer pal,