Henning, Varney, and ? (death trifecta)

Regular observers of death trifectae will no doubt have seen by now that we near the completion of a powerful and convincing “three-fer”.
Doug Henning and Jim Varney, both fringe showbiz types who became caricatures of themselves before fading into realtive obscurity (though never losing their name recognition) several years ago. Henning croaks; Varney follows pretty quickly therafter, one-two.
So who completes the trinity? Surely the individual would have to share a similar and cosmologically appropriate status (a Hope or Reagan, for example, would begin a new - and far more intense - death trifecta).
My nominees are: Pauly Shore, Sandy Duncan, David Arquette, Ruth Buzzi, Adam West, Kristy McNichol.

I’m a loner, Dottie … a rebel.

Roger Vadim, director of And God Created Woman and many other films, died on 2/11/2000 at age 72. Does he count?

Professional football player Derrick Thomas and vocalist/guitarist “Lonesome” Dave Peverett, of Foghat and Savoy Brown fame, both died within hours of Doug Henning’s death.

For some reason, the first annoying why-the-hell-are-they-famous-anyway person who came to mind was bronson “balki” pinchot.
I’ll go with him, I guess.

I’ll nominate Morris Albert.

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Roger Vadim could indeed be the stealth entry if nobody else qualifies … I guess … though I confess it doesn’t ring true. Still watching the news for someone more appropriate to the jive-pop status of the previous 2; if nobody croaks then Vadim wins.

Derrick Thomas does not qualify, he goes into a separate trifecta with the 4-time Super-Bowl Steel Curtain lineman who passed away the other day and whose name totally escapes me right now though we were talking about him yesterday. Another athlete must perish.

Regrettably “Lonesome” Dave Peverett does not qualify because we are looking for someone of, shall we say, more notable across-the-board name recognition (if you had said his name to me yesterday, I would have guessed that he was a NASCAR driver).

I’m a loner, Dottie … a rebel.

I’d disagree with David Arquette. His appearances in the still “hot” Scream series as well as his recent marriage to top-rated TV star Courtney Cox has temporarily elevated him out of the show biz fringe.

Emo Phillips, on the other hand, when’s the last time you heard his name?

my first thought was Chuck Barris.

Nah, Arquette is still very much fringe. He’s got the embarrassing collect call commercials and his marraige to an actress who clearly needs a sperm donor desperately. Plus he’s incoherent on talk shows.

I’ll vote for Jason Alexander. Here’s the headline too: Dunston Checks Out.

Marge: Your father is… resting.
Bart: “Resting” hung over? “Resting” got fired? Help me out here.

Well, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins can now be added to the Celebrity Death Toll. He doesn’t really fit in with Varney and Henning, though - Screamin’ actually had talent.

Not Georgie! Nooooooooooo!

bob collins (very popular radio host of 720 am out of chicago) also died tuesday, and so did my grandmother, but she wasn’t famous, so that’s ok.

I nominate Stanley Myron Handelman!


Coach Tom Landry, moments ago.

“My hovercraft is full of eels.”

Well, that completes the football trifecta. . .
– Sylence

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What the ??? This doesn’t belong in the Pit. MPSIMS? GQ? ::flips coin:: MPSIMS. It’s trivia.

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Good call, Lynn. Having the question “Who’s the next celebrity to die?” in GQ might imply that someone knows the answer and I can foresee legal issues in that direction.

Please, everyone, remember Rule #6.

Sadly enough, Charles Schultz completes the death trifecta.

Zette, the OP refers to fringe showbiz types who became caricatures of themselves before fading into relative obscurity (though never losing their name recognition).

I refuse to class Charles Schulz in that category (and I’m sure you didn’t mean it either.)

Right, Schulz certainly does NOT rank among the Varneys of the world … certainly not … He may be in there with Vadim, we will see. Schulz’ is a powerful death and perhaps begins his own round of upper-echelon passings.

At this time I do believe that “Screamin’” Jay Hawkins completes the Henning-Varney-Hawkins trifecta. But we’ll see; only time will tell.

I certainly did not mean it that way…I meant it more in the manner of “bad things happen in threes”. I also really think I’m in shock over his death. I don’t normally get upset over celebrity deaths, but this reminds me of when Jim Henson died. I stood right there at work and cried. They were both a big part of my life.

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