Henry Cavill out in latest DC shakeup

Looks like James Gunn really is wiping the slate clean over at DC Studios – after previously announcing that they would not be moving forward with a third Wonder Woman movie, yesterday Gunn and Cavill himself confirmed that Henry would not be returning the role in the next Superman movie.

I feel a bit bad for Henry Cavill, who had previously announced (at the studio’s behest) that he would be returning. He had also announced that he was leaving The Witcher, which many assumed was so he could focus on his DC commitments.

What you didn’t mention is the reason Henry Cavill is out; Gunn plans a movie centered around a young Superman, meaning the role needs a different actor.

This must mean that Guardians 3 is wrapped, right? I have a hard time seeing Gunn as head of DC superheroes, while going all in for what is sure to be one of the biggest Marvel releases of the next season, apart from any contractual obligations, of course.

Given the absolute stinker the second one was, this can only be a blessing.

Sorry to see Cavill yanked around like this. He seems like a nice person IRL.

My wife loves Wonder Woman but didn’t think either movie gave her a good villain to fight against.

For me, it seems that a lot of movies are about great scenes but not a cohesive story that pulls it together. There are exceptions, with Bullet Train working well for me, especially how well it came together.

DC movies need something. A reboot. Going lighter. I did like their casting choices but understand it may need to change.

Maybe with Gunn in charge, we can get some fun movies from DC.

It sucks for Cavill but probably something like this needed to happen.

When Geralt of Rivia is presented as less dour and more hopeful than the big blue boy scout, you know something is very, very wrong. Not Cavill’s fault (he seems to be a a decent, fun fellow in real life) but the folks at Warner totally messed up going the edgelordy, grimdark Snyder route.

Well, not the third WW movie Patty Jenkins had planned anyway.

There’s no realistic universe in which they don’t do one at all over the next few years, possibly even with Gal Gadot.

I am only barely aware of this guy, but didn’t he leave The Witcher because the writers weren’t honoring the source material? He seems like a Daniel Day-Lewis for comic book fans, a passonate committed method actor…but for a superhero role.

At least Cavill managed to avoid the grisly fate of past Superman actors. So far.

Maybe in part, but it’s never one thing.

He’s in demand elsewhere which means a busy, conflicting working schedule for him and apparently after the 3rd season on Netflix, his contract was up (read: expensive new contract for more seasons). And some of the suits at Warner apparently got him to commit to coming back as Superman, i.e. left hand/right hand for DC films not knowing what the other is doing, which would have been a problem if he committed to the Witcher for several more years.

That’s what I’d read as well- he was a big fan of the books, and basically got tired of the writers mocking the source material and having to fight with them about how things should be.

And I mostly agree; while they’ve done a fantastic job on the look, feel and casting (in general), the storyline has suffered for their attempts to try and put it all into a chronological order and show what’s happening everywhere as time goes by. Beyond that, there’s a fair bit of nonsense going on that promises to try to explain everything (which is a major TV writer flaw, IMO), and is likely to be bad.

That’s probably a result of the reaction to the 1st season where people got confused by the different timelines.

That’s only for past Superman actors who had ‘Reeve’ as all or part of their last name.

Yeah, the TV series was my only experience with anything Watcher and I was very confused by (and hated) the timeline jumping.

I don’t know, didn’t Dean Cain get some kind of brain damage or something?

Well, he was a star defensive back for Princeton, and signed with the Buffalo Bills after graduating in 1988, but suffered a knee injury in training camp, which ended his football career. So, it’s possible that he suffered some level of brain injury from playing football, but I don’t find anything specific in googling (though I do see some mentions of various health issues for him in recent years).

Bring him back as Geralt!

I think his brain damage was more recent:

:smiley: I did think about mentioning his recent political leanings, but I decided to be nice.

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Looks like he found his next role.