Her name is Snow

and she just wants to live.
Was she locked in a sweatshop?
Imprisoned by white slavers?
Held captive by a rival tribe in Somalia?

Bonus points if you can figure out what’s going on before the 1:20 mark.

I scrolled down to see the PETA hashtag, so the element of surprise was lost. Oops.


Was obvious when she was saying that “her girl” was “locked away” by “places like this” in a restaurant. I didn’t think her human daughter was working in the egg mines or something.

God, that woman was obnoxious.

Performance art for attention.

So when do we get to see her cow or her chicken or whatever it is?

Sooo… she’s a bastard?

Oh, come on. I was expecting it to be some kind of joke at the end and for her to burst out laughing. It’s amazing that one human can hold that much Righteous Outrage.

(Her unfertilized, useless eggs were taken away from her!)

Blech. If we aren’t supposed to eat animals why are they made out of meat? If you don’t want to eat meat, don’t. I swear my carrots squeak when I peel them. I notice she is wearing fashionable clothing and has a probably spendy haircut- bet there’s some product in that do, too. Nice glasses, too. Go feed a hungry child somewhere, and shut up, please.

Tomorrow’s pot roast and cheesy potatoes, and fresh greens, will be gobbled by my daughter and her family- and next year’s pot roast is munching hay as we speak, with some apples thrown on for flavor.

clarify please. Are the apples thrown on to provide extra flavor to the hay (for the pot roast’s benefit) or for extra flavor to the pot roast for your benefit?

Good god am I gonna eat a shit-ton of crazy delicious Snow this year.

Even the yellow kind?

For almost the first time I liked a YouTube comment -

Why didn’t they throw this twit out of the restaurant?


especially the yellow kind.

Egg yellows?

Who’d spoil dinner & a show?

As Oscar Wilde said, only someone with a heart of stone could keep from laughing out loud.

Yuck. Asshole. There is no excuse for that.

I’m ordering a double patty burger for lunch.

You didn’t note that all the servers & customers held up signs at the end in support???

OMG, now I wonder if you know what you eat?

Maybe I could slip in some Brussel sprouts… < VEG >

I wish someone had loudly ordered turducken in the middle of that.

Good point.

Or just say “for heaven’s sake, just tell me today’s special - I don’t need a formal introduction”.


PS - “Do you know any of the other entrees personally?”

Not sure if you’re serious or not, but the people with signs at the end were other activists who walked in at the end of her speech.

During the speech itself, people were apparently laughing at her (since she says “You’re laughing but…”)

If you were joking, never mind the correction :wink:

And from the North, otherwise her name would be Flowers, or Stone, or Rivers…