Hera, Aphrodite, Athena

Hera, if for no toher reason than to try to make up for my boy’s* birth.

*Not technically mine, but I taught the little scamp everything he knows.

Well, they’d all have to sign affidavits that they hadn’t ever done porn. That takes Aphrodite out of the picture. Also, she’d have to fulfill her duties as goodwill ambassadres for the pageant, and as Goddess of War, Athena wouldn’t be allowed entry into some of the more progressive countries. And Hera: married to her brother? Jesus Christ lady, what do you think the tabloids will do with that? This is for “Most Beautiful Goddess,” not Miss Arkansas.

Athena, and I’d follow her wise advice for dealing with the jealousy of the others. Besides, Aphrodite only ever has one thing on her mind, for about twenty minutes at a time and I’ve never thought that Hera was all that, in the looks department. Don’t tell her I said so!

Hera. Power + not having a goddess whose entire fucking portfolio might as well be revenge against those she believes to have wronged her pissed at me.

Always pick the smart girl. After picking Athena and taking my gift of wisdom, I’d kill myself, proceed to the underworld and then escape.

Hera, for the power and she had a seriosuly bad attitude when it came to losing.

I don’t need Aphrodite, I have mrAru and we have been happy together for better than 25 years all told.

I don’t need brains, I have a good education and am happy where I am, I don’t need to be a pundit or wit while blogging.

Power, on the other hand … I could be Empress of the World and actually try to make some positive changes - this is assuming that under the accepted by all clause that everybody on earth would accept me as legitimate and actually obey the new laws [or at least long enough to get some sensible regional governments in place and kill off a bunch of selected warlords that are causing a whole lot of issues. Somalia, North Korea and Islamic types I am looking at you … ]

I always liked owls.

Aphrodite of course. She was the boss of love, beauty, sex, success and military victory. Woman after my own heart. Or wait, was that Venus, I never can figure these things out, damn that Ameillus Paulus.

Athena is my favorite of all goddesses, but going strictly by the physical, it’s Aphrodite.

The version I’ve always heard is about claiming to be a better weaver than anybody else, human or not; for some reason, this angered the goddess of crafts (hey, she was wise, but nobody says she suffered fools). For once, no gods’ dicks were involved.

I’d rather have Apollo.

D’oh, you’re right. I was thinking of Medusa (and she was apparently raped by Neptune, not Zeus. There’s a switch !). But even in yours, utterly destroying someone over bragging ? Seems a bit extreme. But then I’m not a god, maybe they get really bored.

Who wouldn’t get bored? Hell, you’re a GOD; even Halo isn’t going to be diverting after the first five minutes.

Yeah, comparing oneself to the gods in any way was a very bad idea. Look what happened to Bellerophon.

Ask Ganymede if that’s a good plan. “Cup bearer,” sure. He’s cupping something at regular intervals for all eternity, you can be sure of that.

Yeah, but then you could spend the rest of eternity smiting people who brag about how good they are at Halo.

l to r: Athena, Aphrodite, Artemis

Fine, I guess I’ll vote for Athena and hope that her advice and martial arts skills can keep me alive when the other jealous goddesses come at me.

And hopefully, with all the wisdom I’ll gain, I’ll learn to stop attending the kind of parties where goddesses show up to fuck with the guests.

Indeed. And Zeus doesn’t strike me as the kind of bloke who’d have the common goddamn courtesy of giving a reach around.

That was just a suggestion, not saying you’d be smart to pick it. Personally I’d go with royalty, seems easier. Ain’t no physical boost with Athena.

You’re thinking of Ares for the physical and violent aspects of war, Athena covers the tactical nous. Think Sun Tzu, not Bruce Lee.

If either Artemis, Aphrodite or Hera are there to fuck with the guests, said guests would be having enough trouble from assorted husbands, usual-lovers, brothers, and even the horny ladies themselves, to make the Odyssey look like a day trip.

Perhaps, but keep in mind we are talking goddesses here. Athena might look relatively plain when compared with Hera and Aphrodite but, from the perspective of a mortal male, she’d still be more attractive than 99.9% of the women between the ages of 18 and 49.