Here Comes the Sun!!! Welcome back Ole Sol

Our life in darkness is over for another year. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I hate seeing it go dark at 5:30 or 6. :frowning: You can’t even go to a restaurant for dinner in the daylight. You work your ass off at the office and it’s almost dark when you leave.

Here comes the sun. It’s alright. Let’s all sing along.

Did I mention how much I love daylight savings time?

Time to start looking at plants for my flowerbed. Get a few tomato plants. Have some fun in the sun.

What do you have planned now that we have daylight after work?

I am totally pumped to start running after work. It starts getting dark ridiculously early out here… I for one welcome our new sunshine overlord!

A few more weeks and we’ll lose the evening sun. You’re most welcome to have it. After weeks of heat and humidity I’ll be glad to see the early evening darkness.

I always get a little depressed during the winter. Malaise is the best word for it. The extra hours of darkness does that to a lot of people.

I come alive in the Spring with the sun. I look forward to being outside on the deck or working in the yard.

Ha, is it APril Fool’s? I mean we still have the rest of March all of April and then we get teased by May before the real Sun steps out!

This DST comes too early for me, seriously it is way too early to be looking at an 8pm sunset here! (we’re in the far western edge of EST) come summer the sun is up until 10pm or so, brutal…


Bleah. DST? You can have it. As an early riser, DST just kicks my SAD back into gear as I suddenly lose the extra hour of morning light I’d gotten used to.

Love it!

Wow, where do you live that the Sun sets so late? Around here, we don’t see 8pm sunsets until May.

Actual time is 7:55am/7:45pm

Checking civil twilight, we have sunrise 7:26 am, sunset 8:14pm.

Alaska, Michigan.

Seems to me we should eliminate the clock changing and simply make a planet-wide law: no person shall be required to leave home for work before sunrise, nor arrive home from work after sunset.

Live first; work in the gaps around the edges.