Shouldn't it be a rule that you don't have to go to any meetings before the Sun comes up?

Early December. I had an 8 am meeting. It was dark when I left Chez Pipers. It was dark when I arrived for my meeting. When I left the meeting at 9 am, the Lazy Old Sun still wasn’t up. There was a glow in the east that indicated he was thinking about rising, but none too quickly.

And that night, when I left for home at 5 pm, it was night already.

Gaah! And that was three weeks before the solstice!

Mehr Licht!

Wouldn’t that be difficult in the winter for people living in Alaska and northern Canada? Or maybe good in the winter, bad in the summer!

That sounds very unpleasant. Did you get some extra time at lunch to go outside and soak up the (pallid) rays?

We don’t get such extremes. Even in the middle of winter here, the sun’s up by 7.00am.

Cloudy and cold. I stayed inside at lunch.

I’d like to apply the same rule to exams that start before the sun rises or after the sun sets. Especially when one finishes at 10 PM and the next starts at 8 AM the next morning.

I have that rule. The sun doesn’t come up until at least 10AM most places, right?

It was like that when I lived in the PNW. Long summer nights were awesome, though.

Gotta love it when the sun is up at 5:00 a.m. and it’s light outside until 10:30 p.m. Of course, we pay for that at this time of year. Oh well.

Yep, the dark time of year.

But don’t be a wimp - at least you can blame your issues on the Earth’s access. I have that issue in summer - when I’ll have a 6am with Europe and a 10pm with Asia.

long summer nights would be great, I agree - but you have to live in a jurisdiction with daylight saving to get that… :frowning:

On July 1st, 2011 the sun will set in Saskatoon at 9:30PM, and civil twilight extends to 10:19PM. Do we really need it to be light out till midnight at midsummer? Anyways, most of the province is on permanent DST. Local noon (sun at highest point) in Regina is at 1PMish.

You may be able to deduce which way I’ll go if this ever comes up for a vote. :stuck_out_tongue:

Where abouts are you? Seattle is pretty bad and I’m not used to this yet. I hear vitamin D supplements are helpful. Me, I just make sure I run outside whenever there is sun for at least a few minutes.

Well, Alberta isn’t that far of a move.

That’s my current problem. By the time I’m done with Australians at night, the Germans are starting to work.

Yeah, me three. Oslo/London/Paris in the early morning and Singapore/Bangalore/Shanghai at night.

And then there was the 3:00am emergency call on December 25. THAT was a bit over the top.

We also have playground zones in effect until one hour after sunset - in summer, that’s basically midnight. Ri-friggin-diculous.

For the record, I’ve lived about half of my life without changing the clocks and half with - I’ll take not changing any day of the week. You don’t gain anything in winter that you don’t lose again in spring (or vice versa - I’m not a scientist).

It’s not in July where I see the benefit - it’s from mid-August onwards, where it starts to get dark really early - i’d like to have more time in the evening. :cool:
Plus, moving sunrise from 4 am to 5 am would give us one more hour of PiperCubSleep, which is pretty significant in our lives. :o

nothing really helps with the winter - it is what it is. we endure (“we few, we happy few…”) I just want longer evenings in August and September!

Well, okay. If it should ever come up for a plebiscite, I’m open to being bribed to vote in favour.

how many beer would it take to buy your soul?

(not your vote of course - that would be illegal. just your soul. and I’d just use it for limited purposes, honest!)

Well, St. Crispin’s Day is 25 October, and on that day in your location, the sun rises at 7:37 a.m.; and sets at 5:47 p.m.

Maybe Shakespeare could have chosen a day with more daylight in northern latitudes?