Semi Annual Daylight Savings Time Thread

Well in the USA on Sunday March 13th we move the clocks ahead an hour and the semi annual question arises again :slight_smile:

Do you like it or hate it?

I love having the extra daylight in the afternoon, I’m not a morning person so I usually miss the dark

And you?

Actually I should’ve had another option for Yes, like it as it is now but I hit enter. oops :slight_smile:

Make your poll adjustments as you see fit

Whatever it takes to have some usable daylight after work is fine by me – The more… the better.

I like it but we’re just heading towards the end, and I think it goes on too long. It’s quite dark in the mornings now and I think the clocks should go back at the Autumn equinox. It doesn’t start early enough, in my view. The Spring equinox is the logical time to put the clocks forward, in my opinion but they don’t go forward here until October.

DST is the tool of the Devil.

Who are these people who want it all year round? Would you really enjoy not having sunrise until 9 am in the winter? That’s crazy talk!

It doesn’t bother me in general, I suppose since I’m used to it. I do think it was completely goofy for the US to change the dates a couple of years ago. Mid-March to early November to way too much DST. Early April to late October is probably about right.

The first day after we set the clocks forward is one of my favorite days of the year! I love that first late sunset.

I voted “Get rid of it”, but that’s really only for where I live. We’re just shy of sixty degrees north here. Sunrise is already insanely early or insanely late most of the year without messing around with the clock. DO. NOT. WANT.

In a little over two weeks I will have the fun of dealing with twenty-nine adolescents whose bodies are convinced they got up at five a.m. on a Monday morning to get to school… I sure hope I won’t be driving to work in the dark again :frowning:

You have DST in Norway, too? I didn’t realize that.

I’ll no longer have to look straight into the rising sun to spot my bus in the morning, so plus for me.

All year round for me . . . but I understand how people would feel differently. The extra sunlight in the evening helps with my chronic depression. Of course I’d probably feel differently if I had kids who had to go to school in the dark.

I voted “No, get rid of it” and commented “DST is the tool of the Devil” but I could have also voted “Yes, let’s have it all year round.”

I couldn’t care less about extra sunlight. What I hate is having to change the damn clock (which changes my daily schedule). Pick one and stick with it, I don’t give a shit which.

It’s utter torture for me. My body clock does not adjust, so I spend half the year completely out of sync and constatntly late ro dragging. Toss it in the toilet; and when I get to Hell I hope I get a turn at tthe lash for the guy who came up with it.

I’d much rather have a 9am sunrise than a just after 4pm sunset…which is exactly what happens here in December. It’s really depressing to have it be dark before I even get home from work through most of December and January. Besides, sunrise would never be as late as 9am here, because as is the latest sunrise of the year is 7:18am.

Would much rather do without it. That works well for Arizona, doesn’t it?

I hate it. I’m a night owl, and I particularly enjoy warm summer nights, and I’d rather have an extra hour with the stars overhead.

What’s really criminal, though, is moving it a week later in the fall so that Halloween falls within DST. So unless towns are willing to push their trick-or-treat hours to really late, trick-or-treating is now done mostly in broad daylight. Which is just wrong. And apparently this was not an unintended consequence–they did it specifically for that reason. Ridiculous.

I’m surprised nobody has blamed the farmers yet.

I, personally, blame the clockmakers. It’s a conspiracy to force people to wear out their clocks prematurely by constantly changing the time.

Yes, keep it all year round. I love it being 7 pm and it’s still light out.

Get rid of it. The annual time change is annoying. Let’s pick a time zone and stay there.

Exactly. I don’t know if we’re in DST or not, I just know that I hate arbitrarily changing clocks twice a year. I lived the first 21 years of my life without changing clocks, and I haven’t seen benefit one from doing so.