Here comes the Sun

Be prepared for sfjweirnf the odd interference ioeworonj coming our way. qkmewe


It’s going to hit the US about noon ET today (Oct. 29th).

Say your prayers pilgrims :slight_smile:

You’re counting down the hours and waiting for the crackle, ** ccwaterback**?

This is from the site ccwaterback referenced: “Scientists can’t determine the alignment until late this morning.”

So, it’s late in the morning now. Anyone know of a site where we can get updates?

Help!!! I’m mellting!!! :eek:

Probably somewhere on this site:

I remember we did a “who has the biggest site?” contest here once and this site was right up there as one of the biggest. So, what I am getting at is, sometimes I find this site to be confusing and hard to navigate.

… let the sunshine, let the sunshine in, the sun shine in …


I think this might be the best place to look:

Interesting graph there:

Well, it looks like we all survived. Whew!!! :slight_smile:



Uh oh …

<Verizon Guy>

Can you hear me now?


Can you hear me now?



In related news, slortar has gained super powers…


I am Beldar