Here it is folks. I've hit 500!!!!

Okay, this here is my 500th post here at the SDMB. I’ve been thinking a lot about what to write. I mean, do I soil it with a rant, so I go off on some philosophical tangent, do I divulge my inner most darkest secrets, what? I mean, 500s a big thing, no?

But then I saw some other posts I want to post to before they get too long. So, I figured a little self acclimation was good enough.

So I’m off to post something stupid somewhere else. But at least my 500 has a post of it’s own.

Uh… congrats!

Congrats on 500, El Elvis Rojo. I’ve hit 500 twice now (lost over 300 posts in the crash) and managed to waste both of them. Maybe I’ll do better with 1000…

Happy posting!

How in God’s name do you have 500 in 8 months when it took me…uh, I mean, congratulations, Elvis. :smiley:

Congrats, you’re half way to 1000!

Good for you.

Congratulations, Elvis! You may be halfway to 1000, but think of it this way: you’re only one-third of the way to 1500. (which is the next barrier I’m hoping to break ;p) :slight_smile:

Have an awesome time posting, but don’t necessarily be like me! :wink: