Here'a a random question...

If a rabid woodchuck came up to you on a stolen Harley-Davidson wielding in one hand an old toothbrush and in the other a menacing-looking book entitled “Everything You Wanted To Know About Canada’s Role In The Grand Scheme Of Things” and demanded that you read the book cover to cover or else you would recieve the name-calling of your life, what would you do?

I would threaten to tell Wally’s wife on him if he didn’t back off.

Why do you ask?

Shoot him and keep the Harley.
Hey you can’t have vermin going around spreading Rabies, or worse yet, making me read a book about Canada.
Rid the world of rabid terrorist Marmotas.

Well, here I was…all ready to give out a wiseass answer, when that rat bastard Initial Entry has to pop in and post the perfect one-liner.


My hovercraft is full of eels.

I’d think twice before I bought weed from that guy again.

Dr. J

Shouldn’t this thread be moved to Great Debates?

(It’s pure Free Will, isn’t it? Nothing wrong with that. The Devil made me say it!)

If there horrible demon hounds from the pits chasing you and they were going to tear you limb from limb and the only way to get rid of them would be to have a priest of God banish them and there happens to be one within a short distance but he’s nearly deaf and nearly blind and is chained to the wall, would you run?

I only ask because in high school when a bunch of us were studying for Academic Decathlon, I would attempt to break the tension and the crushing pressure by coming up with “Hypothetical Situations” like the OP just to get everyone to laugh. It sounded familiar.
Continue on with your lives, citizens.

Six of Mom, half-a-dozen of your mother.

i don’t know, a million?

I think this actually happened in Guy Stuff…

hang on, Is this a rhetorical question?

I would spawn the following thread.

I used to do this sort of thing in High School.

Finally! Someone else this has happened to!!