Herein lies my big problem with Follow That Bird

In the scene where the Sesame Street gang finally catches up to the Sleaze Brothers and try to free Big Bird, they notice the Sleaze Brothers are sleeping. They sneak up to the cage to let Big Bird out but it’s locked. “Where’s the key they ask?” One of the sleeping Sleaze brothers is holding it? Who do they send to silently and skillfully get it out of his hands without waking him up?

The deaf chick!!!

They couldn’t have possibly picked a less qualified person to try to stealthily get keys without making a noise. She would have had no idea if she had squeaking shoes, accidentally rattled something, or was making some sort of odd noise that might rouse the birdnappers. I’d have felt more confident in Telly Monster’s ability to turn in the most daring silent maneuver this side of The Great Escape.

Does Linda do much else in the movie? (It’s been many years since I saw it last). You’ve got to give her character something to do.

Mully – glad to see you’ve turned your razor-sharp analytical chops to a worthy subject.

(I keed! good to see you – hope you and your family are all well.)

Yeah I was like, we cant SERIOUSLY be talking about THAT movie…

then again, I was 3 when I saw it. (in theatres)

Is that the one that ends with The Grouch National Anthem?

Is that song available anywhere?

I picked up the DVD the other day for about 5 bucks (after taxes and all) and have yet to watch it. I’m probably going to watch it tommorow just to see that scene because you describing it made me laugh my ass off.

Actually, it starts with the Grouch National Anthem- that’s the first thing in the film, even before the Warner Bros. logo (“This movie is brought to you by the letters W and B!”)