Bender's Big Score (SPOILERS!)

I saw a thread about how it’s coming out, but no thread about the movie itself.

So I’m starting one.

I liked it overall…the song numbers felt a bit tacked on, and it felt like they were cramming in characters for cameos, but overall, good.

One question…how come Nibbler didn’t just eat the nudist aliens when they showed up instead of trying to shoot them? He did eat an entire jungle of animals when we first met him. (Wow, I feel just like Llur.)

The narwhal was cute.

I didn’t figure out that Lars was Fry, but my brother did. I did think he sounded really like Billy West, but I just assumed that Billy was getting lazy with the voice acting. How wrong I was.

“I’m nobody without my body!”

I give it a C+. Okay, not great. You are right about the song numbers, they were’t nearly as clever as ones we have gotten from the show in the past. I liked seeing the plethora of guest stars. I heard about Seymour being in the movie, and I was dreading that fact, because I thought it would take away from Jurassic Bark. But after seeing it, I don’t feel that it did.

There were not a lot of laugh-out-loud moments for me, but I did enjoy it. I hope to Og they are done with time travel stories though. Hopefully the next three movies will focus less on plot, and more on silly humor.

Justin Credible:

Really? I thought the sadness of the end of that episode, showing Seymour (apparently) pining away for Fry, who assumes he’d been forgotten, was quite “taken away from” by the revealation that Seymour grew old with Fry (albeit a doomed time-travel duplicate thereof) present in his life.

Yeah, I suppose it did. I wasn’t angered by it though.

I wasn’t angered by it either. I suppose it technically is a little less…poignant now. I don’t know. I’m not really looking at it as all hard fact. The movie–I see it more as something cool and wacky, but when I think of “Jurassic Park,” that just feels more real. (I know, “Futurama” and reality…not always good bedfellows, but whatever.)

I watched it when it first came out 3 weeks ago, and haven’t felt the slightest urge to watch it again. Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love? (semi-random example) had a lot more good jokes in 22 minutes than BBS did in 84 minutes.

My WAG for why Nibbler didn’t eat the aliens is that their gruesome appearances would have given him horrible indigestion.

I just saw this the other night. I enjoyed it. My wife came home while I was watching and still wonders why I like the show.

So tell me, who else nerded out and watched the math part of the special features? I’m not all that great with math, but I liked it. You should have seen the look on the wife’s face when she saw me watching something about math.

It wasn’t super joke heavy. Thinking back now, I can’t really remember a single joke that had me laughing. Also, since it was a movie I felt like they were getting away with more stuff (Fry’s “pen”) but in the show, they had to be a bit more clever.

There was a thread…it was just under an unhelpful title. I’ll repeat what I said there…I liked the twist on the opening credits…

Tragically, that’s what I took from the movie.

I wasn’t a Futurama watcher when it was on TV. I was introduced to it recently, and watched all the episodes in a sort of rapid-fire way with a friend. That was enjoyable, but I really preferred “Bender’s Big Score”. I can’t explain why, but I felt as if they really hit their stride in doing a feature length “episode” more than they do in shorter ones. I laughed so much harder at BBS than at any of the other episodes.

I think I might be in the minority, though. But I will say I’m Futurama’d out at the moment. I think we watched all that in about a three weeks.

But you seemed so happy. Your tail was wagging!

Ah that was it. That was the big laugh moment. It was kind of stupid, but I couldn’t help laughing for the longest time when I heard it.


Sigh…I watched it last night and thought it was mediocre, at best. I hope they find their footing for future releases.

I thought it was bloated and disjointed and just too scattered. It kind of makes sense given that this will be split into separate episodes for future broadcast but it makes an awkward movie.

Also, I got well and truly sick of the endless parade of past characters and name checks. To borrow a phrase from the anime community, it was nothing but fan service for fan service’s sake. I think far too much time was spent trying to cram in as many old references as possible that newer, original gags and a more streamlined plot were unnecessarily sacrificed.

John DiFool:




But it wasn’t a revelation… at that time, the time hadn’t happened when Seymour got to spend time with a duplicate Fry-- that Seymour did pine away waiting for Fry. It wasn’t until later that Fry went back in time to be with Seymour. At the time of Jurassic Bark, Seymour really did pine away without ever seeing Fry again.

To me, it felt like although they’ve had the go ahead to do three (?) movies, they were so worried about the carpet being pulled from under them, that they felt they had to put every conceivable reference to previous episodes in the film.

And by the time they had done that, they were too exhausted to come up with a decent plot and funny jokes.


Right after Lars asked her out for a date I decided that was Fry. I didn’t know how or why and didn’t really make much sense but it just struck me that that was the kind of thing they’d do. And they did do it.

P.S. I liked that Hermes finally got his promotion and was up to Grade 34.