Here's a general question, why are UK driving examiners inconsiderate wankers?

so i’m all nervous. i roll up to the bedford driving test centre in nervous anticipation of my driving test! just think in an hour you may be legally allowed to drive. the LONG WAIT is over. i booked this test about 4 MONTHS AGO. i feel ready, it is finally here, i’m psyched up. i think to myself. ‘man, i would really hate it if my test got cancelled for some reason!’ i put that terrible thought to a part of my brain that is shadowed by a wall of confidence. confidence in the fact that despite all the nasty things that are said about driving examiners in this country, they really can’t be bad guys.
i secure my vehicle in one of the parking bays, i’m so nervous i’m shaking like an autumn leaf. there are four or five other nervous 17 and 18 year olds in the cars around me all waiting for their tests. they have all waited 4 MONTHS too! i relate to these people, and we all step into the tall office building that is the test centre in a syncronised fashion. i scale the steps and walk through to the waiting room. i take a seat for a few seconds, but soon find myself pacing up and down. something is wrong. the others have noticed it too. the centre is open, but completely empty!
one boy says, ‘what the fuck is going on? where are the examiners?’
i echo this thought in my head. surely this cant be happening. half-an-hour of confusion follows when one of the other candidate’s parents declares they just heard on the radio that driving examiners are going on strike today. they have known for weeks, maybe months. they could have contacted us, booked a new test for us, or somehow worked something out. instead i dont know what to do. my sister has her test at 2.30 this afternoon, we wont bother taking her, theres no point. why bother putting her through that hassle, it would break her heart. you greedy bastards! if i book for a new test today i should get a new one for the end of june!
well theres my rant, make of it what you will, and if you ever come across a driving examiner and you have a wet fish to hand, make sure you give them a slap round both cheeks for me.


With pay of only £17.5k for a job which ensures the safety of everybody in the country, I’d be striking, too.

im not against the strike, i against the inconsieration they have shown towards me, my sister and thousands of other would-be drivers around the country today. i think it is a disgrace

Wow, someone who’s been a Doper since May of 2002, yet believes this Thread belongs in GQ.


That’s the point of a strike - to highlight their plight.

Rants go in the BBQ Pit.

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