Here's a lawyer worth getting your hate on

Story here:

I know both of them well, and Smith has always been a disagreeable butthead, but I had no idea he was capable of being such an asshole.

I don’t really have much to say about the story, but the real estate ads - man! You can get a 3-bedroom house in Athens for $1200/month? You can’t even get a lice-ridden studio apartment for that out here!

Before you get too excited, you should probably see Athens.

Surprising number of hot chicks there.

But yeah, totally worthless town.

I’ve never heard of an attorney going that far to antagonize opposing counsel. Not to mention that he is wasting his client’s money and time. I’m not surprised that the judge ripped him a new one and imposed sanctions. Doing this kind of thing doesn’t help your client’s case since it often times prevents a case from settling that should settle.

Wow. Smith is an asshole.

I love Athens! And I lived in a large one bedroom for $325 a month while I lived there :smiley:

You can pick up a 2 year-old house in my Macon area subdivision for an expired Arby’s coupon and a button.

I dunno… that’s pretty steep. How about just the coupon?

You know, they’ve got kids to feed, man.

Would I actually have to eat at Arby’s to get the coupon? Because that wouldn’t be worth it.

This is actually hateful behavior?

As I read it, this is what happened.

Lawyer A has a client who is a veteran
Lawyer B’s son was killed while serving in the armed forces and he wears a lapel pin in commemoration

Lawyer A says something to the effect of “You are wearing that pin because you think you can use your son’s death to intimidate my client.”

Jerkish, perhaps. Childish, perhaps. Worse things happen daily in kindergarten class though.

Nothing to see here, really. Nothing more than two guys who have had a pretty sour relationship for years. Nobody laid a hand on anyone.

Kindergarten classes are not expected to subscribe to the Bar guidelines on professional courtesy.

“Hey! I have spent a lot of time, and I have eaten a lot of crap to get to where I am today. And I am NOT throwing it all away now.”

I got a kick out of this line…

…so THAT’S the thing that does it? I can’t decide if the judge’s standards are far too low, or far too high.

There’s a huge volume of air between “discourteous” and “hateful.”

The guy was being a jerk, which, yes, might justify a mild rebuke from a judge, but hardly calls for a nationwide “hate on.”

Of course, that’s only if what he said wasn’t true. If Lawyer B really was using his lapel pin to try to intimidate Lawyer A’s client, then what he said might be perfectly justified.

Sure, but I don’t think “What, you think we care that your son died?” or words to that effect are a million miles away from hateful.

There’s nothing in the story that suggests that lawyer B was doing what lawyer A claimed; he didn’t even mention that his son had been killed until lawyer A asked him about the pin.