Here's a new take on crying kids on airplanes!

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Wow, that’s one seriously fucked-up story. What if she had an allergic reaction, and they’re at 36,000 feet and hours from a hospital? That fucker might be up on a murder charge.

I often get the shits with screaming kids on airplanes, but i know that there’s often not much the parents can do about it, especially if the kid is a baby or young toddler. And slipping them a mickey is NOT an option.

BTW, i wonder where AP is getting its writers and editors from these days:

“The girl had drank some of the juice…”

“had drank”???

The facts as presenting seem rather damning. Getting a conviction may not be easy, thanks to the Mother Of The Year.

*"Cunningham offered to give the girl apple juice three times before Turner accepted, according to the agent’s affidavit. The girl suffered no serious injury.

Turner later noticed the juice was bitter and foamy and had blue and white specks floating in it. Ten days after the flight, she took the juice to University Laboratories in Novi, which confirmed the presence of Xanax, a prescription medication used to treat panic attacks and anxiety, the FBI said.*

Mom? You accept food/drink from a stranger for your child? You notice that it appears adulterated? You don’t immediately report the incident to the airline or other authorities? You don’t immediately get attention for your child in case she’s ingested something toxic?* You wait 10 days to make a report?

*or so it appears from the news story.

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Huh? The “stranger” was a flight attendant…serving a capacity like a waiter. What is a parent to do at a restaurant…NOT accept food/drink from the waitstaff who are “strangers”?


It’s not clear WHEN she noticed it being adulterated…maybe the “foamy and blue specks” did not appear until later.

One scenario:

Kid drinks portion of juice on plane…no apparent symptoms.
Kid takes cup of remaining juice with her to her destination.
Juice is put in fridge for later consumption.
Kid gets sick some time later…symptoms are vague…maybe a cold…maybe flu
It’s not apparent WHY kid is sick…so why bother checking juice?
A few days later…trying to guess at cause, Mom remembers juice…looks in fridge and voila…spots and foaminess.
Mom calls and leaves message with doc about this.
Next day…doc calls back, says maybe she should check it out.

Well, Jackmannii, she accepted food and drink from the flight attendant, whose job it is to hand out food and drink.

As a mom, I’d take juice from a flight attendant. And I wouldn’t bother to taste it first, or see if it was foamy - especially if the FA had put it in a opaque sippy cup.

The ten days thing, that I can’t figure out. Though it is possible that she threw the juice into her diaper bag and cleaned it out ten days later (I’ve done that - and coming home from an international vacation would make it even more likely) and when she went to clean (or toss after ten days) the cup she noticed the foam and flecks.

It doesn’t appear the girl had any bad effects from it. It can cause fatigue, lightheadedness and drowsiness (according to the article). I wouldn’t have recognized lightheadedness in either of my kids at 19 months - especially seated on a plane. And fatigue and drowsiness can overcome a screaming child quickly - so even if the child did fall asleep, it would be normal toddler behavior and its completely believable that mom didn’t notice anything unusual at the time of the incident.

Don’t say that Cranky. We’d miss you.

You relayed info, I provided a link, we’ll leave it at that.


Oh, and now that we’ve cleared up your reasons for the roll-eyes; right back atcha.

Jackmannii, you have to understand: The new broader powers in airlines mean that if you stand up and say “hey, buddy. You spiked my kids Drink!” is an open license for the airmarshall to tackle you, the pilot to land at the nearest airport, for the Feds to drag you off the plane & interrogate your ass about ‘AlQaida’ for a few weeks.

If you make a scene in an airport, getting off a plane, its just about the Same Thing. I think she was smart to close the juice carton and take it with her. If she’s said anything, the carton would have been taken from her during the scuffle and switched with an empty from the garbage with the only news report being “mother goes whacko on plane, details at 11.”

Well, I wouldn’t make it sound as sinister as that but yes, causing a scene is not only unproductive, it’s potentially dangerous, regardless of how justified. What would causing a scene accomplish other than potentially panicing the passengers? The flight attendent isn’t going to lose his/her job mid-flight.

Basically, the smart thing is just to casually get the flight attendents name or a physical description, take the juice to a lab (I have no idea where to find “the lab” people take stuff to) and call a lawyer.

Sorry. I read the part about “former flight attendant” and got the idea that Mom received the juice from a passenger who used to be a flight attendant.


I’ll give Momma the benefit of the doubt on the other stuff pending further details.

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Maybe it took her a while to find a lab to test it? Or ask for advice? Maybe she wasn’t sure what to do?

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In World Eater’s defense, I always find responses prefaced with an “Um…” rather snippy myself. Irks me to no end.

/end hijack/

Re: the OP, holy fucking moly. I’d have gone ballistic.

As for the ten days thing: it would never occur to me, not in a million years, that a flight attendent would spike my baby’s drink. It is such a bizarre thing that I can easily see it taking a week or so to convince yourself that no, you aren’t crazy, that this really might have happened and needs to be looked into.


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BTW, is there a mohel in the house? Cervaise is going to have a hell of a time determining paternity.

OK, who spiked Cranky’s drink?

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